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Ex PLer/Thrower Looking to Lose Fat


So I haven't been active on these forums for awhile, but I'm getting back into it.

Anyway, here's a little about me. I've been involved in sports my whole life, and stregth training since I was about 13. I began lifting for two reasons. First, to improve my sports performance, and second, the opposite sexes were starting to notice each other, and I wanted in on this. Unfortunately, I stood at 5'9 and 135 pounds, which doesn't sound bad, but I was really the skinny-fat type, with a big gut. I found this strange, since I was playing football, basketball, baseball, track and field, and even tennis. Fortunately, our high school received a grant to build a new fitness center, and I began going here alot. In 9th grade gym class, I had the 3rd highest bench press in the class, and I noticed my biceps were starting to bulge a little, and I was much quicker in all my sports. For my high school career, I concentrated on playing football, and indoor and outdoor track and field as a shot put and discus thrower. I remember my track coach seeing me the first day of practice in 9th grade, and the first thing he asked was if I had laid off the donuts lol

This gave me plenty of motivation to keep at the lifting, and I had my first girlfriend in 10th grade. In football, I made all conference my senior year as a tight end, linebacker, and defensive end, and in track, I placed 8th at states in shotput. My senior year, I was 6'0, and 208 pounds, with some nice solid muscle and lower fat. I got a partial track scholarship to a medium sized DII school, and in addition to being a regional qualifier in the shot put and hammer throw, I competed in powerlifting, with a 385 bench and 600 squat, as I progressed from progressive methods, to Conjugate and Westside. Unfortunately, due to some injuries that began to accumulate during my junior year, I didn't reach quite the potential I wanted.

Now, fast forward to today ( I graduated in May) and I'm 6'2 and 245 pounds. I could have someone feel my muscle, and they tell me it feels rock solid. However, the problem is that no matter what I've done, I've always had an excess layer of fat hanging on me, kind of a "strong guy gut" keeping me from getting the head turning 6 pack, or even as cut as I would like. I feel this is due to my diet, which has improved over the years, but still has alot to be desired. I still have a big appetite, and have cravings for fatty foods. Also, because I needed to concentrate on lifting and being big for my sports and positions, I haven't done nearly as much cardio as I should. Fixing this would not only make me look good, but would make me a healthier individual for life.

So, I'm seeking some imput and support for this. I was wondering if there are any power atheletes/ powerlifters who got cut ? I am planning to cut back on the lifting a bit, and do more cardio, probably hiit. I know that for fat loss, people are usually told to do mostly weights and some cardio, but would this apply to me, since I already have a great deal of muscle, which is hidden by too much fat? Also, I'm thinking about switching the usual heavy weight with low reps into more of an HIT program with a higher rep range.

I would also like some diet reccomendations. I've started by eliminating simple, "white" carbs, as well as artificial sugars, and I'm thinking about starting at about 500 calories below my maintenance (which would be my body weight x 15).

I plan on taking some "before" pictures and measurements, and creating a log on here, in order to get and stay motivated.


In my experience, people like yourself respond quite well to a paleo style diet (meats/nuts/eggs and little-zero grains etc). Less cravings, better hormonal balance etc.

As for cardio, you'll find that you can stick to, handle and respond well to higher intensity cardio (e.g. HIIT on a machine, or sprinting cycled with walking...that sort of thing). Or complexes are another good form of interval training.


i'm still involved in throwing sport,i lost -very slowly- about 20g (40ish lb),from 5'10"-122kg (270lb) to 100kg (220)just doing this:

1- lowering carbs (not eliminate it as I need energy fuels for my work and hobbies(= lifting weights and casting a sinker over 800ft away) eat about 150gr of pasta/rice per day

2-adding proteins,nothing of extreme,1.5grXkg of bodyweight,about 150/180gr per day

3-walking,simply walking and using the stairs always (no cardio as I run a supermarket so i do cardio every day LOL)

4-continue to train hard; my strenght isn't gone away,in some excercises I'm stronger than before and I weight a lot less,so I see it like an improvement...

5-strangely,my waist is become thighter but I didn't loose arms.neck,chest circumference,I think because of very slow loosing weight (about 300gr/less than 1lb per week),my iron game friends last june laughing to me when I said Istarted the "diet" and said that I was loosing weight too slow but I wanted to be sure to loose fat and not raw muscles,the idea was to eat less calories but enough kls/proteins to still allow muscles gains,anyway i'm no more fat but not ripped....and don't know if I want to be ripped LOL

hope it helps


That is a lot of help. Thank you both.


No problem :slightly_smiling:

Considering your strength is good, to keep it and muscle, loosing fat at a moderate rate is always best (i.e. no crash diet/excessive cardio to begin with).

Lower calories until losing weight. Then add minimal cardio (e.g. interval training 2x/week). Add in stuff slowly, monitor for 2 weeks (see how your body responds), and adjust accordingly if needed (e.g. lower calories again and/or add another session of cardio).

Ride it out for weeks before changing (don't be hasty and change without need), but at the same time don't drag it out too much - make sure the scale is moving weekly.

Good luck!


Right, so I've actually been doing 3 days/ week of hiit for a couple of weeks now, along with 2 or 3 lifting workouts a week. For hiit, I have a 2.5 mile or so course that goes from my house, down a dirt road, and onto the main road, I jog for a few minutes to warm up, then alternate 20 second sprints with one minute walk or jog periods, aiming for 10-15 intervals.

First time I did it, I would still be huffing and puffing, and look at my watch, and think "wtf, my rest period is up already??" The first 6-8 intervals would go well, but then my rest periods would slowly tack time on. I've gotten better at this, and my goal is to eventually get the work-rest ratio to 1:1. I just wanted to make sure I'm doing this correct, as I feel very satisfied with my workouts, but I want to make sure I'm getting the most out of them.

As for my weight workouts, I'm doing compound lifts in more of a bodybuilding type of template. I've actually been thinking about adding some olympic lifts into them as well, as when I do a few sets in the 8 rep range, my heart feels like it's gonna explode, and the next day, my traps, biceps, lower back, pretty much everything, is sore.


if you want to continue to trohw OL is a must but....if you wanna just be in shape and become bigger/stronger you have to use a bbing style training protocol imo,also general conditioning (cardiovascular health) is much more improved with a bbing protocol ("ligher" weights-longer tul-shorter rest) than with an OL training....very imo.


find your maintenance calories

subtract 600-1000 from that number

divide macros
1.2-1.5g protein per lb of bodyweight
20-30% cals from fats
the rest from carbs

at your weight right now i would say that would be if you took away 600 from maintenance:

start at 3000-3100 calories
300g protein
70g fat
290g carbs

or if you go with less fat
295g protein
60g fat
310g carb

320g protein
120g fat
160g carb

100g carb
360g protein
130g fat

whatever dawg and remove 25g from either protein or carb, or 11g from fat every time your weight loss stalls