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Ex Playmate on Life at the Playboy Mansion



Make mommy and daddy proud!


Not surprising, he's a scumbag IMO.

But, that's just an opinion I've formed with not much insight into 'his world'.


Oh, what a coincidence, she's one of the few that did NOT have sex with him...


You have shamed me, my dear friend. I could think of worse ways to live out my late 70's.

Getting rode by 10 - 12 sweet, sweet pieces of vanilla every Wednesday & Friday doesn't sound too bad in my book. Not sure about the techno music and lack of condoms though.


After re-reading this she sounds like a jilted broad who is trying to cash in. I'm not doubting he bones most of his playmates. But some of the stuff sounds a little embellished. He should have a scorching case of the clap/super herpes/ and be blind from syphilis by now, If he is boning all these skanks raw. Something has gotta give.


Why would you care about condoms? Lol

You're 70,you ain't gonna get anyone pregnant and you won't be around much longer...so stds aren't really an issue.

I'm cumming in everyones pussy,mouth,and asshole as soon as I hit 60.


It's proven that techno + herpes = CancerAIDS, not sure I wanna go out that way.


I think you missed the part where he is watching gay porn during all this... Add that on the list right above techno


^^^ Meh, not really I read a while ago he experimented with homosexuality when he was younger.


What exactly is revealing about this article? I at no point thought these 19-25 year olds were actually interested in being his gf other than to further their careers.

I guess knowing the exact details makes things more interesting.


What if we sub out the techno for some Funk?


Havent we all?


Read this article a year or two ago.

So to recap: Hefner is a closet homo who takes viagra to get hard but is more focused on the gay porn in the background to keep himself going. Anyone with half a brain can see that he's done everything he has as a response to his being ashamed of himself for being gay.


Haha, can't say I disagree with this.




Now that's a stretch.


Hmmm, I dunno. It may be...

You know how the closet cases over-compensate. If you're gay, just step up and admit it, don't beat around the bush. It's nothing to be ashamed of in this day and age, and it would probably get him even more publicity as it is.


You think so? Think about it: There's been several reports of gay "experimentation", he watches gay porn while he's artificially aroused and mashing on women, and he runs an empire designed to objectify these women. He also comes from an era where gay = wrong. I'd bet dollars to donuts he's done all of this 'cause he was so ashamed of himself that he wanted to fool the rest of the world into thinking he was some super pussy smashing machine so they'd never even think to see that he is in fact a homo.




Yeah I have to agree my old man who was born in the 20's is closeted as well. I take care of hime he's legally blind, Korean War had his eye blown out by a grenade 187 ARCT, and he likes his gay porn. He was married to my mom for almost 45years, she passed last year, and well he had to be semi hetero he had 3 kids, but I can't stress it enough he likes his man on man pornongraphy.