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Ex-Justice Dept Lawyer Says Whites' Rights Ignored


"PHILADELPHIA �¢?? Witnesses described an ugly scene: Two members of the New Black Panther Party threatening white voters the day Barack Obama was elected president, flinging insults like "white devil" and "you're about to be ruled by the black man, cracker."

The fallout from the case has become even uglier. Most charges against the men were dropped for lack of evidence, the U.S. Justice Department says. Now a former Justice Department lawyer is accusing his ex-superiors of ignoring white voters' rights and creating a systematic "one-way" approach in which only minorities are protected."




I think the name New Blank Panther Party is an insult to blank panthers . . . .




those majestic panthers should not have their name sullied by the actions and antics of a bunch of thugs . . .


I honestly wish these guys were there when I was voting.


Have you seen what these goons are doing? They are just causing trouble, the actual BPP they actually stood up for injustice towards Black folks. I was looking on their website, and they do not even do anything but protest, at least the BPP had pancake breakfasts for the homeless (white people included) and toy give outs for Christmas.


Lousy article. Didn't say what the charges actually were. Schmaler is probably right. I can't figure out what they might have been. Voter intimidation maybe if they threatened people if they voted against Obama? Only thing that would make any sense.




yay spelling errors.


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Contains an interview with former DOJ whistleblower. Lol, unbelievable. This was a slam dunk case--one in which the defendants arrogantly didn't even show up--and the prosecutors are ordered to drop the case...


I wish a mother fucker would try to scare me into not voting, please God please, make it happen.

Seriously though, does this surprise anyone?


black pride equals.....well, black pride.

white pride equals.....secret member of the KKK




Everyone at the administration at DOJ should be fired.

This should be an impeachable offense. Obama is literally refusing to enforce the law he's sworn to.


theres no way obama would let the nbpp catch a legal beat-down for this, its his re-election strategy after all, a black panther at every voting booth and a riot in every red state.