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Ok everyone I am sorry but I have to get this rant off my chest. I recently broke up with my gf of about a year(we were best friends for 7) and granted I did some things to cause this but she had just as much part in it as me. What I am pissed about is I moved into the city into a nice(expensive) apartment so we could live together b/c she was unhappy at her parents house(by the way she is 26). Well since we broke up I have been nothing but nice which is shocking b/c I got left with all the bills and everything not mention the fact I had been covering her on alot of things. Well she has been moving her stuff out gradually; let me rephrase that I have been moving her stuff as she watches. Now I am in debt and still working 2 jobs, going to school full time, and training my ass off. Now this b@tch decides to tell me she is going out with some 180 lb skinny guy who was in a band or something in her hometown. I am trying to be nice and not let things get ugly b/c I do love her but I am at my wits end. Now am I letting all this bother me too much? Or should I start playing hardball? I am really pissed off but at least that hate is fueling to PR’s this weekend in my O-lifting meet, which by the way will qualify me for Collegiate Nationals.

There is a reason she is with the skinny band guy and not you and you and the ex both know the reason why and chose to accept it. You broke up with her. Why be nasty about it now? It’s too late to play the jealous bf now. Learn from this and move on.

Just move on. find a roommate if you have to, to help get the bills paid. If you both fueled the breakup then that’s that, end of story. Find someone else or play the field for a while.

Did you agree to split the bills beforehand? Did you talk about this at all?

Sometimes people think that if they do all this nice stuff for someone, that the other party will SURELY take part in dividing the costs and what not.

Nuh uh.

Someone will be willing to help, and the other person will be willing to LET them help.

I don’t know if that’s the case or not.

But if you came into this situation shelling out dough to make things easier for you guys and you did not talk things out beforehand, then its your own fault for getting stuck with the raw end of the deal after the break up.

But how about this; unless you’re moving, why not just keep her shit until SHE moves it herself or pays someone else to do it. Why keep doing stuff for her and then lamenting about it?

Anyways, best of luck, hate to hear that things turned sour after such a long friendship.

Tell her the guitar dweeb can finish getting her stuff for her, or you want more sex.

An Oly lifter? Sweet. What weight class, and how much do you hope to get?

She’s gone man,

that sucks buddy, i hate ex girlfriends, and guys with bands that go out with my ex girlfriends (no joke, its happened 2x!). take her to People’s Court, i’ve seen a million of these cases won by guys in your situation, just claim she agreed to either split the bills or pay you back when she could. goodluck with your meet!

I’m joining a band tomorrow.


Stop everything and get laid.

Maybe after the Oly meet, but it’s necessary…

Get yourself some strange and clear your head.

Then you won’t be sweating this girl so much…

Take care.