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Ex Forces Seeking advice on this Full Body Routine


Hi guys . 5 year ago i got injured in Afgan and as such got medical discharged and since then ive gone up to 30% BF and 210 pounds @ 32 years old and 6 foot. Anyway i need to do something about this so ive been researching and for a complete beginner it seems everybody recommends full body 3 times a week. id like to drop wait and eventually gain some lean mass. I have seen many programs but it seems the most important thing ive read is that consistency is the key, and to do a routine you enjoy. The following routine that ill type down below is the one that interests me, so could all you experienced lads tell me if its well built ect? thanks so much

Alternating A/B/A - B/A/B

Squat 2-3 x 10
barbell row 2-3 x 10
bench 2-3 x 10
upright row or shrug 2-3 x 10
skullcrusher 2-3 x 10
barbell curl 2-3 x 10

Deadlift 2-3 x 10
standing overhead press 2-3 x 10
pendlay row 2-3 x 10
CGBP 2-3 x 10
hammer curls 2-3 x 10
reverse crunches 2-3 x 10?

thanks again so much lads.