Ex-College Athlete, Dx Low-T, Where Do I Start Post Dr's Rx?

Hey everyone, I was recently diagnosed with low-t at a local Men’s clinic. It came as a shock but the signs and symptoms were all there. The PA at the clinic said everything was “normal” except my T levels were at 170 and my bad cholesterol was 2 points above the normal range. I’m an ex-college athlete and have gone through a few fat and fit stages since my career ended. I’m 29, 6’4", 280lbs and have 30% body fat(BMI) and would like to lose fat while utilizing the test to gain back some strength and size? I’ve maintained around 80% of my playing strength over the years and would like to maintain that.

So, Here are my questions after reading through forums and websites over the last two weeks:

Should I inject 100mg Test once a week or would 50mg every 84 hours be better?
How hard should I lift? What type of program should I follow to promote weight loss? What is the best diet for weightloss?
Anything I’m missing or should keep an eye out for?

I appreciate your help.

Read the stickies and post your labs. Protocol is found in the stickies or with a simple search. Welcome!