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Ex-Athlete Needs Help

I used to lift 5 days a week throughout college. I am 6’4" and was 245lbs last april benching around 330lb. Since then i have balloned to about 260. I have never had a 6 pack but at least used to be in some what good shape. I would like to get get back to around 240lb - 245lb range.

I am willing to do anything really to do it. I live a normal 20 year old life goin out for a few beers here and there but i have a slower metabolism. I have a set of dumbells and freeweights and have started a routine.

I do chest and tri’s Monday
-Flat bench, Flys, skull crushers, overhead dumbell, flat dumbell press, and tricep extensions.

Tues- Cardo RUN, Leg extensions and Curls (I have pins in my hips so i have to stay away from heavy stuff), and Power Cleans

Wends-Bicep, Back
Strait bar curls, Wide grip curl bar, dumbell curls, reverse flies, overhead dumbell press and kneeling dumbell hangin pulls

Thurs- Same as Tues

What do you think? You think that this is a good workout to lower body fat? I would like to get to around 240 again and look healthier.

If you do any amount of research on this site you will find that most would say your workout is inadequate. Not terrible, somewhat outdated, and easily improved upon, especially given your goals.

Losing bodyfat is almost all dependent on nutrition. Don’t blame a slow metabolism. That will get you no sympathy down here. It may or may not be so, still, it doesn’t make your goal unattainable. It just may take longer to get there.

Do some homework and come back with a plan and some short term goals that can be realistically discussed. I wish you well.

Look into the authors and Chad Waterbury or Ian King or Staley or–hell any of them. Get an understanding as to WHY a different workout will enhance your efforts.

Read all of Berardi’s article on eating and how this–in conjunction with a well designed workout can help you reach your goals more efficiently.

This will also serve you well as a foundation for all your future health activities and pursuits.