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Ex Athlete Looking for a Starting Program

I guess I should tell a little about myself. I am an ex rower who quit in college due to grades. I lifted with my team all through high school and this year in college (Im a freshman). Our lifts consisted of nothing but squats and sometimes rows. I got my squat up to 345 by the time I quit. And Im talking about ass to ground shit, none of that pussy ass bend your knee a little bit shit.

But my biggest problem is how small my upper body looks compared to my legs. I have kept squatting and tried benching a little with my friends. Im looking for a good program to bring my upper body up to par with my legs. Any suggestions?

You are a rower with a small back? Do you have big biceps? Try deadlifting, keep squatting and stay with your ass to ground sht, start benching. Actually start training upper body and eat a lot of food and sht. That should work :wink: lol just messin with ya…


“starting strength” by rippetoe

I reckon if you are built solely on Squats, then cane the Deadlifts. Standard DL… shit loads of it, heavy too.

That will work.