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I don’t really have any physique shots to put up right now, but I didn’t want to miss out on all this postin’ fun.

So, without further delay, here is a terribly disgusting picture of some surgery I had over the summer. What you see in the upper right hand corner is a cist which was removed from my outer ear.

As you can see, it measures about 2cm. That thing used to live in my head! How COOL is that? Actually, it was cut down before the picture was taken…the way the doc described it to me is that it had “tenticles” which were growing in all directions.

I asked before the operation if I could keep the thing, but I was denied, but the doctor was nice enough to take pictures for me. Pretty sweet, eh?

Dude, that is HIDEOUS (no offense!). I’m just glad you got it dug out of your head…tentacles? Dude…

This should suffice, striaght from the Top 'o Capitol Hill.

MBE: Too bad I had nothing to spit out from laughing too hard. I’d already spit out my breakfast from JR’s pics…Oh yeah: Ewwwwwwwww.

John that is very interesting, please feel free to bore us with a full rundown of the symptons you had, the treatment and the operation, your recovery and how that impacted upon your training :wink:
Do you have any photos of pussy boils, near decapitated limbs, or other operations you want to share?

MBE, that is classic.

Holy crap, Tentacles!?!?! I thought you said testicles! I was freaked out!

Aww my man is so cute, isn’t he? Don’t you all jus want to give him a big smooch? And as for his recovery, it was probably the funniest thing ever. He was all drugged up, sleeping and stuff, and at one point I made him laugh and he spit all his food out and cried about it. That’s right :slight_smile: You asked for this by posting the disgusting thing… dork hahah just kidding, I love you.

And by your GF too…

All right, all right. Before I get to my retort, a quick story about the surgery and these pics. When the dr. first gave them to me, he had some things to say.

Dr: You know, that hole is big enough to put your thumb in.

Me: Um, cool. How do you know?

Dr: Cause I did it. (totally straight face.)

Me: Why…?

Dr: I thought it would make the other doctor laugh. Oh yeah, and I made it “talk” by opening and closing it. That was funny, too.

Me: I hate you.

About my recovery - I have no idea what drugs I was on, but YES I did get really loopy and had some emotional fits. I have never taken drugs, and I don’t drink, so being tripped out on meds was a new experience.

Vix is correct when she said I cried. She forgets to mention that I was also bleeding from the head and I talked in my sleep, due to crazy dreams which I claimed were visions. All in all, a fun time.

Hey, cool. I had the same thing in the same spot, about the same size. Got it removed a little over a year ago.

See, THIS is what happens when you do too much HST!

Don’t say I didn’t warn you…

Oh, char, you silly boy. I only trained the cist once per week, and I didn’t even pre-test my maxes for it. HST my ass.

I’m no pussy, but that is fucking sick.

there are some disturb t-men out there :slight_smile:

Oh good lord, you people are a bunch of pansies. I’d hate to see you all in a real surgery with a chest cracked open and blood flying everywhere. :wink: