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EVOO Question


I've heard of guys putting some EVOO (extra virgin olive oil for all you who might not know) into their post workout shakes. Have you noticed any change in taste? I kind of thought that it would taste bad. Let me know if you guys have tried this. Thanks.



often hard-gainers put evoo on stuff as an easy/clean way to add calories to their diet. i've never heard of putting it in a shake. it has a pretty noticeable taste so i'm sure you would pick it up if it was in a shake.


Of course it changes the taste....


It tastes disgusting when I add EVOO so I try not to add it to my shakes....but...now that we are discussing this, I should man up and just add it.


I have a shake with a tablespoon of oil almost every night. It changes the taste, but not so much that it is unbearable, just try it.


Man up is a good thing


I used to make shakes with 1 tbsp of olive oil, 1/2 cup oats, and 3 scoops choco whey. Let it sit in the fridge overnight, and the next day, couldn't taste the EVOO at all. plus the oats are all chewy and yummy.




Add some PB and it masks olive oil. So easy to add calories that way.


Coconut oil is so much more tolerable in shakes.


Quit buying shitty EVOO and you might actually enjoy the taste.


Yes....EVOO is added to shakes or taken in shots to add calories
Yes....there is big difference in taste between the good stuff and other

No....a lifter should not be adding any fats their Post-workout shake

**sliced olives are a great addition to salads and vegetable dishes. I have always been taught that olives 'keep the wood working'!


Hey there EVOO gurus, is it supposed to have a biting/bitter aftertaste when consumed straight? I measure out a tablespoon into my shakes and a couple of times licked the spoon clean and while it tasted pretty good up front, on the backside it was horribly bitter. I can't decide if it's indicative of spoilage, cheap oil, or what. I'm not buying the most expensive, but it's far from being cheap.

As for the OP, I barely can notice the taste in a shake of 2 scoops of Metabolic Drive and water, but the change in mouth feel is awesome.


Try macadamia oil. It has a higher monounsaturated content even. It does cost a bit more, around a buck an ounce, so around 2-3 times good EVOO. That works out to a little over 300 Kcal per dollar.

I still use olive oil for salads and veggies, but for any shake, I would not go back.


no one's mentioned "light" olive oil, which tastes less olivey?

I wouldn't bother adding it to a shake. that's just nasty no matter which whey you put it.


I add 15ml to 2 of my shakes/day. I dont even care if im using chocolat of french vanilla, altough it has a weird color when mixed with the vanilla one.

You guys actually sip your shakes and treat it like a desert or something?

Just down the damn thing wtf


thank you