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Evolutions of Ori`s Diet?


For a while, I have been eating by instinct and it does the job, so far. Lost bodyfat, energy is more constant (don`t need coffee anymore), less mucus, etc.

Problem is, some mornings I dont even feel like eating. However, I cant afford to do nothing and be in a mental lethargy until chowdown time comes (evening), so I took the habit of drinking hot water + 2 tablespoons of maple sugar, to prevent ketosis. Sometimes I will use apple sauce + flax seed protein powder, to prevent constipation. Generally once every 2-3 hours.

There have been so many diets on T-Mag that I have lost track. Has there been a next generation to Ori`s Warrior Diet?

Thanks in advance!


I thought the Warrior diet was pretty widely regarded as being a bad idea.

Are you saying that eating instinctively for you is eating once a day in the evenings? That doesn't seem like a very instinctive thing to do, the instinctive thing to do would be to eat when you are hungry, until you reach satiety, then not eat again until you are hungry again. For many this would be much more frequent than once a day.

And isn't eating apple sauce and protein powder a meal? so you actually have more than one meal a day.
It seems that you eat a little for breakfast and through the day then have a big chowdown at night. Isn't that just the same as the standard miss breakfast, grab a snack from the vending machine and have a big dinner that most of the "average" western world follows?

Seems to me that these extreme types of diet (and to some extent training - see HIT) only work well when you make modifications to bring them back towards the mid-point.

How's that constipation working out for ya?




Why would you want to prevent ketosis? isnt that where your body turns fat into energy?

if you meant catabolism, i dont know how water and maple syrup would help stop that either?



Cool. So your body turns on ketosis to save glucose and, hence, muscle tissue in a fasted state. I already knew that bit.

The body goes to ketosis after the first few days of starvation or in a low carb diet. I knew the low carb bit, but I didnt know the starvation bit explicitly.

I still dont think Im clear on why you would want or have to turn it off by drinking water and maple sugar in the morning on the warrior diet.

I guess ill read the article again.


I think that the rationale is that it's more optimal (for general health) to have some carbohydrate intake rather than none - i.e. glucose for the brain etc.

Though, using that kind of logic and then chosing to adhere to the warrior diet is a bit of a quagmire.

Hopefully someone with a better grasp of metabolism can add more input.


Yeah that would be good. I dont think any of the principles fall into conventional knowledge of metabolism.


That`s essentially it.

I prefer to be on a sustainable borderline ketosis diet. Even though it`s not ketosis per se, and is closer to ketosis than The Zone could bring me. Carb restriction works better for me than ketosis. I tried a 1 month no-carb, all P+F + fiber and it was not optimal neither the be all and end all of diets.

As for instinctive, yes I go by feel, both for timing and variety. Sometimes chowdown starts mid-afternoon. Sometimes later. But the bulk is eaten generally at or after 3pm. Like I said, even though I am on minimal carbs, the hunger just isn`t there in the morning, especially on weekends.


While having meals so infrequently might not be conducive to bodybuilding, it is incredibly freeing. For that aspect, I look forward to fasting yearly (when ramadan rolls around). All of a sudden you have much more time on your hands; the downside is you spend much of it thinking about your next meal LOL.


I have not tried a Ramadan fast, but I would have to agree on principle. It has amazed me how much (nervous) energy is required for digestion. I expected a real energy drop when trying this way of timing meals, only to find a more constant level of energy until the PM drop, easily corrected by a meal.


check out the book evolutionary fitness. it is apparently the warrior diet done right... whatever that means.