Evolutionary training

I was watching Monday Night Football and they did a segment on a player for the Rams who used a training method called evolutionary training. In the clip he performed glut-ham raises, push-ups in a 180 degree motion (hard to explain but when you come up you rotate 180 degrees), explosive bench press(dropped the weight and then quickly up) and one arm cable curls extremely fast. Does anyone know what this type of training involves? Is it similar to what Coach Davies Does?

it sounds like the overhyped teachings of coach Schroeder.

Archuleta…ESPN did a big segment on him a couple of months ago. He is trained by some Russian guy…My friends and I have been trying to figure out who the guy who trained him was…He did 31 reps at 225 at the combine in the bench…In the ESPN segment he is shown doing the glute/ham raises while holding freaking dumbbells.

It is called EvoSport training and utilized by a man named Jay Schroeder out of Arizona. He never really invented any of these methods he just put a system together that works for him utilizing lots of plyometric type training for the upper body as well as the lower boyd. Time will tell if his players such as Archuleta compete as well as some of their training numbers say they might.

His coach is Jay Schraeder, in Mesa, AZ. Not Russian to my knowledge (has no accent on his answering machine anyway). He calls his program Evolutionary Training.

ok some know I think explosive training is bogus and will lead to inlury, so lets see how long he lasts before serious injury, I’ll take a wager or two, I’ll set the over/under at 4 and 1/2 years before a SERIOUS injury. peace

As far as evolutionary training is concerned, my curiosity is certainly piqued. Coach Davies recommends plenty of explosive movements. It is because of his brand of GPP that my joints and muscles do not ache at all anymore. The comment about Archuletta getting hurt in 4.5 years is bogus. He plays in the NFL and has to tackle the likes of Eddie George, Terrell Davis, Jamal Lewis, and the list goes on and on. I think any program that promotes periodization, progressive improvement and rest is a good one. Keeping the faith, Solomon.

There has been several articles written about Adam and Coach Schroeder over the past several months. A search on google by “Adam Archuleta” +“Jay Schroeder” will reveal most of them. A clip of his interview on ESPN is located on the i-a-r-t site under articles, Quick Response. Schroeder also has written several articles in PLUSA most recently in the Dec 94 and Feb 95 issues. Crain’s Muscle World has these issues and more for $5 if you further information. On another note, the sport of football is played at high intensities and with brutality. It must have been a long time since you were on the field, hetyey, to make such an incorrect and biased statement. Has Mike Mentzer called you for a game of powder puff football lately or is he too slovenly to get out from behind the screen?

heytey, explosive training in itself certainly isn’t bogus. The sensationalism behind Shroeder is. THere are tons of OLers who do only explosive lifts (bulgaria anyone?) and the Westside guys have 2 workouts per week that involve so called “dynamic” training, and only a handful of their guys ever get injured.

dman, I thought louie had torn his pecs, had back surgery, etc…
riley, gee did I not say “I think…”? I don’t believe in explosive training, I don’t think it will transfer, I’ll set the over/under at 3 and 1/2 years, if the way he trains “prepares” him for the field he should last ATLEAST 3 and 1/2 years. you can believe that explosive training is good, I do not. peace

Schraeder is getting alot of pub these days is he not? 32 reps @ 225 isn’t bad though…I mean, this kind of training, as Coach has said referring to Louie Simmons as the best thing thats happened to training here in America (and Jay could I guess be a protege of LS’ explosive concentric training)is THE way for athletes to push more weight. Jay is being asked to consult for the football teams at Oklahoma (Stoops) and Notre Dame. Hell, he could even make an impact in…dare I say - Lincoln, NE!
Big Red

archuletta set the record for reps with 2 plates at the combines for all positions except for some linemen

but how is that benching gonna carry over to the sport?

a while ago bill philips did 36 reps with a litle over 200 (I think it was 215) and his brother did 39 reps w/the same wt. maybe they should play saftey and train football players? NOT. how about we see how well and for how long HE PLAYS FOOTBALL. I thought that was his job. the last true combine freak of nature mas mandrich(sp?) how long did he last? I know others (mamula, kerse, etc…) have done great at the combine but as far as being a freak mandrich was the last yo blow the scouts away like that.

Here’s an angle for you? Does your bench carry over to the field? Probably not. Does being able to bench 225 31 carry over? Almost certainly not. Is it tested at combines, therefore, you must be able to do well at it? Hell, yes.

And while we’re at it… I don’t care how a player trains. If he’s a good player, he’s a good player, and I don’t think anyone doubts Archuleta is a good player.

BTW, hetyey225, when you use logic, try to make sure there are no flaws. Your generalization about Phillips and the max rep bench test equating him to being able to play NFL is tantamount to you saying you could be last longer in the NFL without injury because you train HIT.

If Archuleta is truly a football player first and weightlifter second his speed and strength will make one helluva an NFL safety. The benchpress will help him keep off the pulling guards to play tough against the run. Two things I noticed in the hall of fame game on Monday night: he has problems reading pass plays and doesn’t have a safety’s intuition yet to feel the receivers, and he definitely doesn’t have cb recovery speeed to make up the difference. A good example is Darren Woodson, out of the same position and program, does have the talent to feel the receiver and is great a coverage safety. I also noticed he plays the run to aggressively, more like a linebacker. As the last line of defense he needs to focus on making the sure tackle, ala Woodson again, but that’s his first game, we’ll see how fast he learns.

Archaletta was originally a 185 lb walk-on at Arizona State. Through his training, he was able to become a #1 draft pick. Not too bad. Being an alum, I had the oppurtunity to follow him through his years there. Forget about all the bench numbers, etc. The bottom line is that he is a hell of a ball player. When he was at ASU he was all over the field, and made many plays that were keys to winning games. He was Pac-10 def. player of the year his sr. season. He played outside LB in college, and is making the transfer to SS. It takes a little time. Darren Woodson and Pat Tillman (both ASU LB’s) made the same transition to SS in the NFL. I expect Archalletta to follow in the steps of Woodson. He is a gamer.

I give hetyey 3 1/2 hours before he posts something stupid…AGAIN!

hetyey, Archuleta has been doin that tyoe of traing for about six years now he still isnt injured.

I ain’t sold on Archuleta. He has good ability, but his closing is not up to the rest of his game. He was a rover at ASU, where he killed, but I worry about guys like him in the bigs. Remember Andy Katzenmoyer? Even Lavar Arington is an uber gym and college player, but there are alot of backers who burst to the ball faster. It’s all a mind game, I say Brian Urlacher, Ray Lewis, Seau, Brooks, and most of all Sam Cowert are the top MLBs in football. They all train a different way, and Dick Butkus did not even lift weights untill after he was the best pro in the world. I fucking love football, four weeks left.