evolutionary training/adam archuletta

I’ve been just amazed by the stories I’ve heard about evolutionary training. I really wanna start doing it. Sure I know nothing replaces hard work, but I wanna know if anyone can possibly get me the workout or tell me what exactly to do. i believe it was jay schoarder who trained archuletta

Jay Schroeder really isn’t doing anything that hasn’t been done before. There’s plenty of books and research on various strength training methods that his program follows. Get your hands on a copy of Tudor Bompas Periodization training for sports. This will give you a good easy to understand and follow idea of how to set up and implement various phases of training (strength,power, speed, etc.) for an athlete. Once you’ve digested all that info. I’d thoroughly study Mel Siff’s supertraining book. It’s very advanced but everything you would ever want to know about training an athlete is in there, what’s best is you can also join the Supertraining group at yahoogroups to get questions answered on the supertraining topic.