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Evolutionary Fitness/Pulse Feasting


I have been reading this new "Pulse Feast" article and some reading on the interview with Art De Vany. The interview claims that eating big to get big is basically bad for you. As said in the live spill, "We're not grazing cows. We're hunters and gatherers. Light snacks followed by big kills and gorging meat."

But I know many of you here in the BB forums have your diets figured out very well (of course you guys know who you are).

How do some of you feel about this?


we WERE hunters because there wasnt a developed supply economy thousands of years ago, it wasnt a fucking choice


I think we're learning more and more about diet and nutrition every year. I don't think we've uncovered everything there is to know about optimal diet for the human machine, and I think people are sort of finding out on their own that their individual physiology has its own needs.

No two people are ever alike in other words.

The pulse feast idea amazingly is natural for me. This is coming from a guy who has literally eaten 6 meals a day, 365 days a year, for decades. That diet has proved successful to me, but I am actually liking the pulse feast so much better. After all this time.

But it might not be everyone's cup of tea. For example....I simply cannot do the pulse fast. Psychologically, I literally cannot do it. The pulse feast on the other hand is something I definitely can do, and have been sort of doing my version of it before this article came out.


Link to the article? It's Saturday and I don't want to look around.



We're not hunters or gatherers unless we hunt and gather.


I hate the whole 'evolution' based arguments when discussing what an ideal bodybuilder's diet would be. Those are two completely different topics, unless the cavemen were swole, jacked and/or diesel. But I doubt it. They were probably pretty scrawny.


yea the food thing sucks but the way they selected n took their women now thats a different kettle of fish altogether .


What cartoons have you been watching that leads you to believe that cavemen were less than diesel?