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Evolution: Why Has it Stopped?

Now I admit I dont know too much about evolution and this is probably going to sound stupid but I will ask anyway. Why has evolution seemingly stopped? I am not talking about humans, but apes/monkeys that we seemingly evolved from. Where are all the semi-human monkeys?

We share a common ancestor. We did not evolve from monkeys.

You’re wrong, OP.
I saw a gorilla coming out of a high level corporate board meeting the other day.

Most Pokemon only evolve 2 times. Except for Meowth and Jigglypuff. Maybe a few others, too.

[quote]Split wrote:
Where are all the semi-human monkeys?[/quote]

Look around you!

Evolution takes a LOOOOONG time.

You can artificially create evolutionary conditions in a lab and see it within your life time if you wanted to.

And microbes are constantly evolving (MRSA anyone?).

If the history of the earth were a year, recorded history would be the last 35 seconds of the year.

We’re a drop in ocean of evolution. Check back in a few million years you’ll probably see something.

[quote]Vicomte wrote:
We share a common ancestor. We did not evolve from monkeys.[/quote]


We’ve evolved alongside monkeys, not from them.

It’s happening all around us everyday, except the changes are too small to be noticable on that scale.

What are you talking about?
Evolution is occuring right now, with all species.

It can happen faster if certain factors like selection have more influence, factors which apply to mankind only mildly or indirectly.

Since it doesn’t stop, you could reason that either earth should become crowded exponentially with different species, or, that a niche can hold only a certain amount of species. Which is the case here. To my knowledge, the neanderthaler was the last homo that could rival our intellectual might. That was about 25000 years ago. (I may be wrong , in fact, I encourage you to look up Wikipedia)

You could as well ask yourself:
Why did all the cool giant animals die out (Giant Wombat, Cavelion, Canis Dirus etc, Giant Sloth, Titanic Snakes… pretty much every animal was more awesome back then)? Where is the link, for instance a nearly gigantic sloth? How come even one dinosaur didn’t survive? Why isn’t there a small mammoth or a half-mamooth half-elefant alive?

It doesn’t work like that.

Also, we DO have some nice relatives, namely Bonobos, Gorillas etc.
What’s wrong with them?

ehhh…that shows how little you know about evolutionary biology. Apes/monkeys are present day evolved states of their ancestors. Just like we’re present day evolved states of our ancestors. If you go far back enough though, you’ll find we share a common ancestor and we just “branched off” in different directions.

But we DID NOT evolve from the monkeys and apes you see at your local zoo.

Go read some books on the topic. Thanks for wasting 30 seconds of my life. I hope you’re happy.


There you go.

Who said evolution has stopped?

Natural selection is still going on. Except modern homo sapiens have a weirder mix of attributes social status, facial attractiveness, stature, bodily proportion, strength, leanness, sexual appetite and whatever compared to australopithecus or whoever- and every woman sets her own importance to individual criteria based on her own upbringing and issues…add to that the potential conflict of interest when said males have their own list of attributes that they rate and choose women upon…and you have the clusterfuck that is Plane Earth, population 6 billion losers meandering around looking for reason.

Someone said i best here - a man will mate/bond with the most genetically superior female (based on his rating) that will allow him to stick his dick in her on a continual basis.

Build up your own population (computer code) and give each individual a set of 10 attributes, likes and dislikes (in opposite sex) etc and have them speed date around using some probability function and watch the clusterfuck that is created. THen realize that real life is waaaaaay more complex. We seem to have no partiular direction as far as evolution is concrned because no two competing individuals want exactly the same entity…or if two do then maybe three. And people are willing to settle outside their “preferences”, at least those who want to propagate do!!!

As a population, we are separating into difefrent layers imo. Thats the direction of our evolution…but thats for another thread.


Or hey, fuck it all, come down to Louisiana and learn how GAWD AWMIGHTY created the heavens and earth and created man, since we just passed a new bullshit creationist law.

[quote]Vicomte wrote:
We share a common ancestor. We did not evolve from monkeys.[/quote]

[quote]Ghost22 wrote:
Or hey, fuck it all, come down to Louisiana and learn how GAWD AWMIGHTY created the heavens and earth and created man, since we just passed a new bullshit creationist law. [/quote]

Being a Louisiana resident, LOL @ YOU! You made my night! Thank you!!! Seriously, thank you!

Thanks for the replies, as i said i didnt look into it very far appreciate the “coles notes” version.

With modern medicine, it’s difficult to kill the weak ones off and prevent them from breeding. There’s no focus in this world, where top grade specimens may breed with people of inferior genetics. Who cares? We’ll probably end up killing ourselves off with pollution and such.

Hasn’t anyone ever heard of the X-men. Damn I thought they sorted this out.

You won’t see leaps of evolution until there is a condition that wipes out the populations that are unequipped to handle the condition. Until then, everyone breeds and survives.