Evolution of curling in the Power Rack.

Today, I was lucky enough to see the next evolution of curling in the squat rack. Not only was the guy curling in the squat rack and using all of 75 pounds, but he was also standing on a box. I haven’t figured out the purpose of the box yet, maybe he just felt like incorporating “that box stuff” into his workouts.

Hopefully he doesn’t fall off the box from excessive body sway during his curls

maybe he thought that it would throw you off and trick you into thinking its a cool exercise worthy of the squat rack.

maybe he’s gradually working his way up to doing them standing on a swissball

maybe his dick is so long that if he exercises on the floor it drags on the ground!

You fools, he just wants to look taller.

Sigh… Yet again, no one has bothered to do a search before posting. Dave Tate has written extensively on “box curls”. They are the key to any successful powerlifting program.

It’s okay guys, just don’t let it happen again.:wink:

I usually never add to these threads…but tonight…well it just amazed me.

Sorority girl in power rack, standing on a Reebok step, using chrome db’s and doing sl deads.

I sat on a bench next to the rack and watched her in disbelief…speechless. I am assuming this workout was from Self or Cosmo…or similar chick rag.

Took a few minutes before I could find my zone and do my hang cleans.

He probably heard of people doing box squats, but as anyone who reads the good mags like Muscle & Fiction knows, squatting is bad for your knees, and chicks dig biceps. So he took a good method of training a bad exercise and applied it to a good exercise.

And you thought he was just stupid,

I didn’t use to mind when people were doing curls in the power racks until I started doing most everything in them. Now it pisses me off. The standing on a box gig is really funny; its almost as funny as monopolizing the lat pulldown station to do and exercise that could be completed with a roller pin for abdominals.

Thanks for the visual. Cupcake you still got that tissue?

my box curl max is a pussy 165 but i just started westside so i should see it go up pretty quick