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Evolution of Bodybuilding (Documentary)

I’m not sure if this video has been posted before (a search yielded no results); but I just discovered it this week and thought it was quite interesting.

Well, new to me. Thanks for sharing

Great documentary!. I remember many of those years and guys well.

Thanks for sharing!

thanks for sharing!

Thanks for uploading this.

My connection made me have to restart the video a couple of times. But, I didn’t here them mention Serge Nubret during the 80 olympia part. Maybe I missed it, but I thought I remember a rumor that was a big issue then, maybe I’m wrong?

Just saw it, thanks for sharing! Funny thing I was looking for bodybuilding documentaries to stream on netflix, there’s absolutely nothing on there related to bodybuilding.

@mbdix No, I din’t hear his name mentioned either, unless I missed it. It was a lot of information to take in, a pretty cool take from some of the legends mouths themselves.

I just think it is so cool, that as body builders we went from this dude that pretty much invented it (Sandow) to the likes of Coleman, Yates, Haney, Arnold. I mean Sandow started it and now look how far it has come in really such a short time. Body Building the pursuit of the ultimate human physique. Cool shit if you ask me

Thanks for posting. Links like this are always welcome!


I really liked this documentary. For anyone who really has followed the sport, you’ll realize that certain aspects of the more political side are left out, but with Shawn Ray as one of the names behind the production, he’s not exactly going to bite the hands of any big names in the industry.

Overall, a nice overview that actually managed to get footage of some of the actual people who have left their stamp on the history of the sport.


I found the beef between Frank Zane and Franco Columbo interesting, I’d never heard about that.