Evo-Sport, Davies, and Staley

I’ve recently been trying to read as much information as I can about the training philosophies/principles of Charles Staley, Jay Schroeder, and Coach Davies. In the next week, I plan on ordering Staley’s EDT book, Coach Davies’ Football training book, and Adam Archuletta’s training DVD. I’m more interested in the explosive/strength type results from weight training than the size. All three of these guys seem to have similar philosophies on training. I was just wondering if anyone recommened other books by these three or books that are similar to these three that will further my knowledge in strength/explosive power for athletic ability?
I’m more interested in basketball/baseball rather than football, but can see how these books written by these guys can carry over to baseball and basketball.
Any help would be appreciated as I plan on developing a training program for myself based on these three individuals’ philosophies.

Similar philosophies on training? Hardly.

if you have any questions, feel free to ask. I am always willing to help.

In faith,

Coach Davies

Given your goals I wouldn’t buy any of them. EDT is geared toward developing mass and, while Archuletta’s program is very explosive in nature, the DVD is basically a collection of very advanced exercises with no hint as to structure/periodization. I won’t even bother to comment on Davies’ book.

If I were you I would look into Christian Thibaudeau’s book “The Black Book of Training Secrets”. It is a good mix of training theory and application and should serve you well in program design for explosive strength.

Well, Davies book is very good, so is EDT…which, only to the idiots and narrow minded is geared for mass. It was orig. created for strength. AND if you use big core movements you will get stronger. Coach Davies is always around to help so, ask him some questions. Although, the previous reply was inane, he is right about CT’s book…its very good.
PM me if you need further help.

Actually, I just noticed Christian’s book. I don’t know how I left him out. I’ve actually done a little more research on Jay, and I agree with you. The DVD won’t be worth my time. I don’t have the type of machinery or experience to perform some of his methods.
However, I’m still going to purchase Davies’ book and Staley’s book, along with Christian’s book. Thanks for the advice about Christian.
Coach Davies, after I read your book, I may have some question for you. Thank you. If anyone else has anything else, please let me know. The more I read about this explosive style of lifting, the more I’m interested.

hey always ask questions - I’m always willing to help around here. I would also recommend that you order the book to please signup for a free newsletter on DragonDoor that will explain some oft-asked questions.

BTW - Please excuse me for what may appear to be an ad but with good justification. For anyone who is intending to order either of my books - I will be setting up a program with a sizable charitable donation with each copy purchased for the holiday season. If interested let me know personally as I will have it on my site. It’ll be a great way to help those less fortunate this time of year.

In faith,

Coach Davies

Isometric : 1-3 Minutes

Ice Massage: 3 - 5 Minutes

Rest 4 -6 Minutes: Specialized Drinks

Rebound Technique: 3 Minutes Total Performance [No Rest Time Included]

Rest 4 - 6 Minutes: Self Massage

3 x 1 x 80% 10 Count Eccentric, Followed By Rapid Concentric Phase. Use
Vibrator Massage Between Sets

3 x 2 x 90% Manual Overspeed, Normal Eccentric Phase,[ Concentric Phase Must
Be Performed in 25% Of Normal Performance Time]


Perform A Normal Eccentric and Then Hold For 3 - 10 Counts And Perform A Fast
Concentric, For A Total Of 3 Sets Of 3 Reps
Perform the Following Ancillary Exercises: Russian Twist, Glute-Ham Raise,
Barbell Row, Barbell Curl
Perform These Exercises On Monday, Tuesday, Friday, Saturday


Weeks 1 and 2 Perform As Is Written

Weeks 3 and 4: Drop Slow Eccentric On 80% Performance, Manual
Overspeed Increases To 105%

Weeks 5 and 6: Drop The Isometric

Weeks 7 and 8: Perform 2 X 1 X 95%, 2 X 1 X 105%, 2 X 1 X 110% With No
Ancillary Work




One Legged Squat
Russian Lunge
Double Bounce


Wide Dip
Close Grip Bench
Bench Press
Top & Bottom


Deadlift In Cage
Low Squat Foot Jump
Top & Bottom


Off - Restorative Measures, Active Rest


All E.D.I., All Primary - 5 Sets


Rebound Push-Ups,
Russian Lunge - 200 Of Each, Perform Throughout The Day


Off Restorative Measures

That’s a sample program that Jay wrote for a college rugby team that was posted on the Supertraining Mailing List. You can see in that program he doesn’t use anything special. To understand the exercises, you should buy the DVD.
Also, buy Christian’s book.

Could you just be a pal an explain what a russian lunge is john clark?

A plyometric exercise where you jump in the air and land in a lunge.

Listen to Steve.

Jay’s really big into active recovery.

john clark - can you give me some examples of how jay is big into active recovery? I am not familiar with him doing this.

All of the massages between sets that he does: Ice massage, vibration massage, and self massage.

I would recommend Coach Davies Xtreme Sports Book over the football book. It has more info and a training program. Good stuff. CT’s book is also good.

Another thing, it is true that you can read Supertraining and learn alot of what Jay is doing. But Jay actually learned most of what he knows from a Soviet throwing coach named Bondarchuck.

[quote]john clark wrote:
A plyometric exercise where you jump in the air and land in a lunge.[/quote]

Really just a jumping lunge sciccoring the legs in the air where from what i understand the Soviets did it with 275 on the back!
Brandon Green