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Evista Instead of Arimidex?



My endo wants to try having me on Evista (Raloxifen) instead of Arimidex 0.25 EOD because it gives me joint pain. I'm not sure about this since it's a SERM. I'm currently on T-Enanthate 100mg per week.

Anyone tried that combo?


what is your E2 level on Arimidex? sounds like you could be overdosing on Arimidex and driving your E2 levels too low.

why not test, confirm, and adjust your dosage rather then just jumping on another random medication?


Actually my E2 is not bad at all : always around 25 pg/ml on .25 arimidex EOD.

My endo told me that Evista was more and more used in TRT (in Canada) and she wanted me to try it for a while since people have less bone and articulation pain while on it. The thing that bothers me is that it is a SERM and I'm not too sure about long term SERM use.