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Evil russian---evil indeed

I was impressed with the Evil Russian interviews, and bought the power to the people e-book. There is nothing much more in it than stated in the interviews. Good theories, but that’s all they really are…no real programs, etc. If anyone has any questions about the book…post them here. I want to save you some cash.

Have you bought Pavel’s ab training book or either of his stretching books? Those are what I’m interested in buying. I think he might be a regular at Muscle Media from now on. Hope so, at least.

There is supposed to be a couple of routines in it so if you could post them i would much appreciate it,as you can’t buy it where i live yet .I know its asking alot but please help a fellow t-man out!!!

Screw MuscleMedia. They’ve been reprinting articles for 2 years. Anyway…the only “program” in in is the Bear program where he recomends using DL’s, Bench, all the big compound lifts no more than 5X a week. He says to lift your 5rep max, then 90%of that X 5 reps, then 80% of your 5rm until you can’t do 5 reps with complete form. Don’t fail. Stop when you have to. He says for some this will take 5 sets and others 30 sets.

That’s pretty much it, though he does explain various periodizing techniques, but those are better explained here on t-mag.

Hope this helps.

I, for one, think Pavel’s work is pretty top-notch for competitive athletes. He definately isn’t a bodybuilding coach or proponent, nor does he claim to be. However, if you want explosive power and strength without putting on weight, then you can’t get a better source. I’m a competitive fighter, so I try to stay at my “natural” body weight since I feel I fight better there, and my strength has definately given me an edge.

His stretching books are pretty good. I’d recommend Beyond Stretching for bodybuilders since he has exercises in there that premote joint health as well. The relax into stretch book is basically all stretching.

i for one think the evil russian is extremly evil.especially with his ab training that can totally isolate the abs whjich i still believe isnt possiable and hes anti isolation to except for the abs. well makeup your mind. also in the second part he says “ill try not to use big words”. hello you russian ass fu&&, Tmag readers arent stupid and we do have refrence guides too such as a dictionary. then he builds up his assosiation with the russian powerlifting team. if they use his methods im staying away cause the russian powerlifting team would be crushed by the US team and i dont see anthony clark and kenny patterson jamie harris chris taylor or any other of our guys carrying kettle balls. i think the russian is an overrated pompus jack ass but thats just my opinion.

Sorry you feel that way, but for me Pavel is the real deal!

Pavel is not really geared toward T-Mag readers, he’s not into bodybuilding…just getting stronger. He’s not into men in bikinis like us, or men covered in oil, or posing to music. Pavel trains the most dangerous men in Russia, and SWAT teams here in the US, so his training is mostly for stamina and body power. Believe me…any street cop would rather be able to do 600 straight push ups rather than Bench 600 Lbs. When reading his books try to consider these facts.

Toro, actually Pavel mentioned that the bench press and push ups are useless for cops in a recent article in MILO. In fact, he said pushups only have one use, and that’s for disciplinary reasons! Otherwise, he’d rather see guys be able to do 20-25 pullups with an additional 45lbs, as well as squats, and hanging leg raises. Those were his three basic exercises. But other stuff (deadlifts, overhead presses, squats, benches) could help to strengthen the entire body following his methods. And yes, he only cares about making people strong. Although, he does have methods for making people bigger too.

Nate, when you say routines for making people bigger, are you referring to the 20 sets of 5 routine he mentioned in his interview? Or do you have more information?

Jeremy, I’m referring to his multiple set approach that he mentioned in T-mag. It’s called the “Bear” method or something like that. Because it will make you as big as a bear! He really needs to do an article about it so people will understand it and be able to apply it to their training. Other than that, some of his articles in MILO talk about using the “ladder” method. This is mainly for strength endurance, but it will increase your size to a point. Or you can do as he says, and whatever muscle you want to grow, do it often and do it heavy. Legs too small? Squat every day. As Pavlov said, “One set of five with a heavy weight every day is better than five sets of five once a week.”

Thanks, Nate! Just wanted to make sure you weren’t holding out on us! Keep the info rolling…