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Evil Racist Children and the Media


Just when you think the country is moving ahead on racism, things like this still pop up.


Evil Racist Children and the Media Who Love Them
by Margaret Kimberley

Americans need to know more about white supremacist organizations. Too often the corporate media either deny their existence or diminish the danger they pose. Even when they gather a cache of bombs and machine guns, we get little if any information about their activities.

In 2003 a group of white supremacists near Tyler, Texas were discovered with 500,000 rounds of ammunition, bomb making equipment, canisters of cyanide and a KKK calling card. There was little if any media coverage of this terror plot in the making. The same journalists who saw no need to tell us about plots involving deadly poisons think that we need to know about white supremacists who are cute, at least according to European beauty standards.

Lamb and Lynx Gaede fit that description. The 13 year old twins, always described as blonde and blue eyed, come from a family who unleashed them on the public singing paeans to Adolf Hitler and Rudolph Hess. They spend their time vicariously killing black people via video games and raising money for white hurricane Katrina victims.

Their mother regrets her divorce because it deprived her of the opportunity to make more Aryan babies. " ? I could have produced four to six more children with that ideal eugenic quality that [Lynx and Lamb] possess."

The Gaede twins perform under the stage name Prussian Blue. The name honors their family history, eye color, and holocaust denial.

"Part of our heritage is Prussian German," the deadly twins say. "Also our eyes are blue, and Prussian Blue is just a really pretty color. There is also the discussion of the lack of "Prussian Blue" coloring (Zyklon B residue) in the so-called gas chambers in the concentration camps. We think it might make people question some of the inaccuracies of the ?Holocaust' myth."

The Gaedes were unknown to the general public until ABC gave them free publicity and compared them to the over exposed but harmless Olsen twins. Recently Teen People magazine came under fire for a planned article on Lamb and Lynx.

Teen People made an agreement with their mother to water down the family's white supremacist, Nazi loving message. April Gaede asked the magazine not to mention the words Hitler, hate or supremacist in the article. Teen People capitulated and posted a sanitized story on their web site. There was also an interview scheduled for publication in the February 2006 issue, but when the appeasement came to light, Time Inc. blamed a "junior employee" for the fiasco, and ultimately pulled the Prussian Blue story.

Teen People may have been stupid, but the Gaede family certainly isn't. Nazi worship is very problematic but the public relations dilemma can be solved very simply. Leave out any mention of hate, racism, Hitler and holocaust denial and the blondeness will win out.

In every story, Lamb and Lynx are inevitably described as being beautiful. They are very white and very blonde, but they are no more attractive than millions of other teenage girls. Their looks have even been described as "angelic." Apparently angels are Nordic looking only. It is little wonder that at this late date in history, millions of American women still dye their dark hair blonde. Blondes don't just have more fun, they can deny well documented genocide and still be called angelic.

Lamb and Lynx show in acute detail the dangers that black people always face. All racists are not as outspoken as the twins are. Most will deny their racism in polite company and nurse it in secret. It doesn't emerge unless it can be packaged, marketed, sanitized and approved by the mainstream media.

Teen People stopped the presses in this instance, but it isn't alone in hand wringing about teenage Nazis while simultaneously helping to promote their message. Before the article was spiked, Teen People promised to speak of the family only as supporters of "white pride." That term may sound neutral to the uninformed, even benign.

Words like "white pride" are beloved code words for avowed white supremacists. Surely Time Inc. is aware of that fact. The media have quickly moved from shock about the singing sisters to helping them appear more acceptable.

There must be protests not just because Teen People wanted to help the Gaedes. There must be protests that they are getting any media coverage at all. The blonde twins should get the same amount of air time as the would be white supremacist killers in Tyler, Texas.

If ABC and the New York Times and CNN wouldn't acknowledge the existence of a terror cell planning to kill hundreds if not thousands, then they shouldn't tell us about singing teenage Nazis either. As their own mother acknowledges, Germany doesn't allow the promotion of Nazism in any way, shape or form. "We were very careful to remove all Nazi references from the CD because we wanted to sell it in Germany and they have such strict hate laws there."

If the Germans have the common sense to shut down hate speech, then Teen People and the rest of the American media should get a clue. In the absence of true journalism, the story of the singing racist sisters should end. Reporters who want to do some good can make amends and tell the story of the Texas terror suspects. Late is better than never.


I saw these little shits on TV not too long ago. The mom should be hung.



but they are very isolated in the world, very much in the minority. you wonder how long they will be able to stick to their strict cultural confines before the big, nasty world provides them with a lesson in tolerance.

they seem to think that their hatred is somehow limited only to people of differing hues and backgrounds, wherein fact such vitriol tends to corrupt a person's daily functioning on a fundamental level and can lead to a number of serious emotional and social issues.


Well, it is nice to know that racism is all in the collective heads of minorities.


I saw this, too.

My dream is to (when they turn legal, of course) seduce them by means of deception. Then, when I'm at my moment of final glory, scream, "I FORGOT TO TELL YOU: I'M A JEW!!!"

And then skeet a white, dippy Hitler mustache across their upper lips.

Ah, good times.


I would like to see a documentary on those two white trash turds in ten years. I bet little little Lynx will be mama's favorite because she will manage to graduate high school before some meth-addicted racist biker knocks her up and moves her in to a sweet double-wide trailer. She will also be proud of Lamb, who at 23 will still be trying to get her GED and although she will be a truck stop prostitute, will really be tying hard to clean up her life. Of course they will blame their poverty and lack of a major label recording contract on the black and jewish conspiracy to control the entertainment industry. Stupid little kids never had a chance.


Has anyone seriously taken the position that racism does not exist? That's absurd.


Those kids are victims of the parents if you ask me.

Different parents and they turn out a lot differently. Hell the state may have done a better job raising them.

Now they are being exploited, like a lot of kid's are, to spread a message.

I'll agree with most. They are headed for trouble. I don't think they had a choice. I think they were told they had one option...and took it. Whether they reject it when they can remains to be seen. Seems to late for them unfortunately.


Tempest in a teapot. The good news is this ridiculousness is on the fringe, where it belongs.

The mom sounds like an Aryan Joseph Jackson. Sounds to me like she is mixing message and money.

I feel sorry for the kids - but I predict in 5 years, one or both will get a clue. I hope I am right.

Anyone ever notice that race supremacists of any color are usually the ones toward the back of the 'race'?

Inferiority problem meets excuse.


Who has said this?


I think they'd shit themselves. You'd be looking over your shoulder for the assasination for the rest of your life though. Good lord: Lynx and Lamb. What next?


I agree with the disgust for these kids but not on the media moratorium. Civil rights and freeedom of the press issues aside, If they can inspire this much disgust and disbelief, they should be exposed. Have the media show them to everybody. It won't be long before the public wretches with disgust toward them and they are banished from the public eye. In the mean time though, anybody who takes an interest will be exposed and from then on very easily tracked. It won't take an F.B.I. task force to track the movement of their followers, just a couple of cameras and t.v. appearances.

When people are that stupid and blinded by their own hate, they become their own worst enemy. Let them become the creators of their own demise.


No, those words have not been stated. That was a sarcastic comment, however, based on many of the statements relating to minorities being labeled as "seeing racism everywhere" any time a racially motivated act is noted or commented on.


I agree. Things like racism can be passed down by parents...people generally aren't born hating others. It is sickening to see these fascist groups on TV....people defend what they say as "freedom of speech". But I start talking and it's "Look at the Jesus hating Commi! Let's lynch the un-American bastard! :wink:

I'm just kidding. But this really is sickening, and I am amazed things like this still happen here.


Say what you will about media stupidity, nobody should be afraid of two little girls. Misguided, stupid, and likely to end up in a trailer on welfare doing meth? Definitely. A threat to anyone? Probably not.

Also, I think it is frightening that the article writer is encouraging repression of speech in the way that Germany does it. The First Amendment protects free speech. If you don't want to hear it, you don't have to listen to it or purchase "Prussian Blue" albums.


I feel sorry for the kids. They're a victim of their environment.


I'm with CloseGrip. The article starts out telling us that people need to know more about these types of groups, but then by the end he's told us that they shouldn't be getting any coverage at all...?

Also, I did see an article that really described them as "angelic" which I thought was pretty ridiculous considering their stated values. That sort of thing might get some play in Europe, but I wouldn't look for them to hit the charts over here anytime soon.

These kids and their parents have serious problems, fer shure. I hope they live long enough to learn the error of their ways. If they have any talent at all, then perhaps they will be able to parlay any success into a chance to teach the evils of racism.
Then again, maybe they'll just die off before they can infect too many people.


Here we have someone with a Celtic cross and the name Fighting Irish denouncing racism.

Or perhaps I am misusing the word racist. Is a racist someone who hates other races or someone loves one's race, wants to remain separate from other races, and discriminates who they date, marry, befriend, and cohabitate with upon race?

Also, I am starting to think that pseudo Freudian/esoteric pop psychology is a crock of shit! Since when and how did all of you earn your expertise in psychological development and child raising? You k know, some people develop preferences of their OWN and in many cases it has NOTHING to do with their parents! I know MANY police officers and teachers who were not racist UNTIL they became police officers and teachers, two professions which many times require dealing with several different races. It had NOTHING to do with their parents!

The same Freudian-esoteric school of thought also goes for homosexuality. Hence the line "uh duh, if you are comfortable with your own sexuality, you will not be repulsed by homosexuality!" Well, guess what buddies, some people are repulsed by homosexuality because they find it repulsive. Yes, I know, not as complicated as pop psychology.

Then there are my other favorite party lines. "The reason why people do not like other races is because they are uncomfortable around them." Uh, yeah, NO SHIT, sherlock! Finally, we got a winner! Personally, I want to see all the white, limousine liberals on this site to come visit New York City. Then I want them to roam around Jackson Heights, South Bronx, Jamaica, Bedford Stuyvesant, Fort Green, Grand Concourse, Brownsville, and Queensbridge. Secondly, I want this done at between 12 and 5 AM in the morning. Then we will see where their brotherly love went or if it remained within them. Or perhaps they can send their pale, blue eyed kiddies to the following high schools for a day: Andrew Jackson, Hillcrest, Van Buren, Franklin Lane, Bowne, and a nice assortment of others.

It is too bad I would not be able to conduct this multi racial experiment during the 70s, 80s and early 90s, especially in the subway system we had back then when I was not even born or was only single digits in age or at the most 12 yrs old. I am talking about the good old days where mixed (yes, white included) gangs like Decepticons, TMR (The Mob Rules), Ball Busters, FK (Fresh Kids), Savage Skulls, Ching-a-lings, and others would gladly rob you for everything you had on hand (and sometimes body) and/or cave your head in!

Keep being friends of the world until you are exposed to certain parts of it, my T-Buddies! :slightly_smiling:


It's a mistake to think that people who argue against racism are all kumbaya type folks.

Are there dangerous people and dangerous places that most of us do not belong in?


What the hell does that have to do precisely with race?

As for the article, it doesn't say that we shouldn't hear about these things, it says that if we have to hear about racism in this package, we should also hear about it in other packages -- ones that aren't so "easy to sell".

The media should be showing the darker sides of the issue too, at least according to the article.


You are never going to get rid of fringe freaks like these, but the media should not encourage them either by giving their cause airtime. This goes for all haters including those who are not White like Louis Farrakhan.