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Evil Proteins!

I don’t know if everyone saw this when it came out this summer, so I thought I’d post it up here. Paragraph 8 has a quote for the ages.

http://espn.go.com/ncf/s/ 2002/0731/1412608.html

Space at ‘2002’.

Yah I eat “clean” and don;t “take” any proteins either… Why yesterday, I only ate on gram of protein and 900 grams carbs, oh yah and no evil fat either. Actually I just ate cereal all day, but don;t worry I added sugar to it as well. I also Gained 30 pounds of rock hard muscle doing this in the past week. hahahahaha, I can;t believe a college level athlete would say he “doesn’t tkae proteins” Porbably doesn;t want to get susoended by the NCAA. lol
:slight_smile: groove

I remember that article from this summer. My main problem with it is that those type of workouts have nothing to do with football.

I used to have this image of athletes, like they were in the best shape anyone could ever hope to be in. Now I just think they are genetically gifted and have no idea how to train, eat or take care of their body.