Evil only succeeds because the good do nothing

 I read this quote somewhere on the forum (the righteous owner can come forward).

 Not to beat a VERY DEAD and badly mutilated horse, but that sums up WHY we as a country do what we do around the world. In today's global village world, if we dont do something about the evil in the world, then we've allowed this evil to keep growing, and perhaps come back to haunt us or most importantly our children or grandchildren.

 It also sums up why we became SO PISSED with France and Germany who chose to do nothing in the face of evil and left us alone to fight it off. You can present all the claims and point your fingers at us all you want, but Saddam and his regime were evil, and HELD WMD, which we will find. They ignored UN regulations by 10 years and never accounted for the WMD we gave them decades ago, and by doing so posed a vey real threat.

 There, I did it. I beat the dead horse once more. Or what's left of his rapidly deteriorating skeleton. But point is made - Evil will only thrive if the Good allow it to do so. Either we deal with it today, or tomorrow we'll see lives claimed because of our inaction, just as we did in world war II when things escalated completely out of proportion - we dealt with very well, but those lives couldve been spared had we dealt with it from the begining and eliminate the evil threat before it was able to thrive.

All that is necessary for evil to succeed is that good men do nothing. - Edmund Burke

Diesel: Indeed. If you want additional proof of that, just look out on lower-scale operations and crimes, like fraud and schemes.

Heck, if I was a fraudster, I would capitalize on the fact that do-gooders don’t move until it is too late. And that enforcement is generally reactive, and budget limited. On the other hand, the swindlers have far less contraints except a big one: urgency - their lives depend on it. At least before they get smart enought to hit the jackpot.

Two quotes from the cinema come to mind:
Catch me if you can.
It’s not what you know. It’s what you can prove.

The prevention, detection, proof and control are always hurdles that the good guys must face. The crook has a far bigger liberty of action than the good guy. He just has to use his wits to the fullest. The good guy probably needs two times more to ferret him out.

Just another reason to give the good guys all the resources they need and support them. They start out with two strikes against them. They need our help and respect.

That doesn’t make any sense. They invaded Iraq to find the proof they need for invading Iraq?

Sure Saddam was a brutal tyrant, just as he was when the USA was openly supporting him, which was also when he did his worst stuff. He’s definitely a threat to anyone within his reach, but one more time, the people in Kuwait & Iran (right next door & both previously attacked by Iraq) weren’t afraid of him. They hated him, but didn’t feel theatened. Compare that to the hysteria the media & the government created in the USA, 1000s of miles away.

 Monsieur I refuse to even answer your ridiculous claims in your post. Like I said I will not beat a badly mutilated dead horse anyore than I have to in order to make my point.

 Let us fast forward another 20 years in a universe where we didnt oust Saddam's regime. Those will be MY kids and YOUR kids taking the burden of whatever we left undone. I dont know about you, but if we see a threat slowly trying to grow roots (an evil dictator developing WMD), I DO want to take him out. It's either me or my kids, and are you that much of a pussy that you'd rather wait for your kids turn to deal with YOUR threat - which has by then escalated to something possibly out of proportion? Remember WWII? The casualties in that war for the US soldiers was in the order of 1 million. One Fucking Million. Of OUR soldiers. Why? Because we failed to realize exactly how big of a threat Hitler's regime was and refused to intervene, because they were thousands and thousands of miles away. We did finally intervene for fear they might wash ashore on our coasts, but that was too late - to win thet war then meant to sacrifice what would become over 1 million of their brothers, fathers, sons. They were the ones laying on the beaches of Normandy dead or badly mutilated. If those were your kids, and you couldve taken out Hitler his evil presence got out of hand, woud you just sit on your goddamn ass because 'there's not enough evidence. Where are his weapons?'

 So, Im not going to try to convince you. No. You do as you see fit, and let your kids pay for it one day.

 I on the other hand will be right there to support any war against evil, be it terrorism or some form of evil regime. Because if something's gonna blow, heck let it blow now while it's still just a little kid's bomb, not when it's developed to nuclear proportions and waiting to blow future generations apart. 

… & carrying on with the comparisons with Hitler, Poland still had cavalries with horses, etc when Hitler told his underlings that they were an immediate threat & had to be taken out. Hitler was also probably the most popular leader in German history as long as he was going from triumph to triumph, similar to Bush. Bush didn’t even get the popular vote in 2000 & now he’s got a decent approval rating. + That stuff about Iran & Kuwait comes from the media there, which can probably be found online.

Diesel, just ignore Mr. Canada. He’s already shown his true colors on the WMD thread.

When people start comparing Hitler to Bush Jr, I tend to ignore them. Especially when they live in Canada, a once great nation now being run into the ground by an ultra-liberal. Canada is the future U.S if Hillary Clinton is elected in 08.


Mr Canada: Hitler killed hundreds of thousands of Jews in racial concentration camps in an attempt to build the Arian race (the tall, blonde intelligent men of the future).
He also conquered Paris with intent to occupy. He did the same thing with sevral other countries. These conquered people would then be subject to his rule, lose their freedom, and be sent to concentration camps if they were jews. Or they would be shot dead if they were outspoken against Hitler's regime.

 And Bush, well...he freed Iraqis with no intent to occupy their country; He released them from a brutal dictator that cut their rights, shot them dead execution style if they were outspoken against his regime; used them as lab monkeys for chemical warfare experiments;
 He also eliminated the taliban in Afghanistan and freed afghanistani people from its rule. He cracked down on Al Qaeda, and keeps doing so. Hes actively pursuing current worldwide threats, but specifically those that more directly threaten the US. He never shot anybody dead, or sent them to concentration camps, or CONQUERED a country, or occupied someone else's land with intent to stay there, or restrict their people's freedoms, or ordered terrorist attacks on them , or any of our enemies.

  So, how is Bush Jr simliar to Hitler again?

While i agree somewhat withyou diesel but to be honest…you should be more worried about North Korea, and China than Iraq. But since, Iraq and Saddam is what you see on TV your mind is only on Iraq and Saddam (funny how that works)

Also, you have no clue or idea about how Bush works or thinks…you need to start to learn how to read between the lines and see what all of this really is: a PR campaign. (You can start buy cutting your TV off)

Bush didn’t give two shits about Saddam a few years ago…you wanna know why? There was a guy named Bin Laden. Remember him?? Remember how evil he was?
You also probably don’t remember but Bush had plenty of opportunities to get that bastard, but of course they went ignored.

When the US couldn’t capture him, let alone even find him, at the fear of being looked upon as incompitent, Bush quickly found the next best thing: Saddam.

You see, when people want blood, it doesn’t matter who’s it is as long as its one of the badguys.

Isn’t it funny how Bin Laden sloooooooowly faded out of the your picture (or your TV to be more exact) and them all of a sudden…SADDAM!! weapons of mass destruction, blah blah blah, persecution, blah blah, tyrant, etc.

Saddam has been there for YEARS with his WMD. Let’s be honest, what country doesn’t have WMD??? Especially after Russia got broke up…you think they just all disappeared???

No…damn near every country with a decent checking account and good credit has WMD.

So is Bush going to go around inspecting under every rock and hole in the ground? No, of course not, he got his victory…Iraq supposedlt got eradicated of Saddam. And people like you watch tv and see how evil and mean he was, and think the world is now a better place. Funny, they couldn’t capture him either…

But your boy Bin Laden is still alive (and his good friend Saddam), but since the media doesn’t talk about either of them to much anymore, you don’t think about them too much anymore…all is well, and we live happily ever after! THE END???

My advice to you? Cut off your fucking TV…that seems to be your personal WMD.


 Sure, Greekdawg, and you better shutt off all your lights and sleep in a tight corner in your basement because the Government snipers going to get you...

 *sighs* ...Damn hippies....

 Dude, thanx for the 'wake up call', but not everyone in the world is a conspiracy theorist suffering from severe paranoia.

 Oh, and another *obvious* thing... You recommend I shut off my TV where I listen to the News and keep current with the FACTS of whats going on - BUT SOMEHOW THAT DOESNT INCLUDE LISTENING TO A CONSPIORACY THEORIST, PARANOIA-STRICKEN CUKE LIKE YOU....

 Huh, go figure. Could you hippies, liberals, conspiracy theorists, and the like, try (hard as you may) to keep your 'valuable advice' to yourselves? It just makes me wonder if Im coming off as a liberal/conspiracy theorist, and god it embarrasses me terribly. Thanx!

My American Brothers,

Don’t be disrespecting Canada. We have never been a nation to back down when called upon. Our leaders just didn’t happen to agree with yours on this last one.

Regarding WW-2, just in case you didn’t know, Canada was “FIRST” at the front lines and waist deep in it when you guys (America) finally woke up, rolled up your sleeves and decided to get involved. I suppose you didn’t know that did you… so much for HollyWood!!!

Regarding WMD, Bin Ladden & Saddam… who the fuck knows, are you going to trust anything CNN or a politican tells you these day’s.

So the people who want an honest government are conspiracy theorists? Maybe I don’t understand.

 Monsieur: Read this,

 'Also, you have no clue or idea about how Bush works or thinks..you need to start to learn how to read between the lines and see what all of this really is: a PR campaign. (You can start buy cutting your TV off)'

 These are the thoughts of conspiracy theorists I refered to. That quote says nothing of honest govmt. It instead asks me to shut off my tv and to 'realize' anything the govt says is a sugar-coated lie, designed to gain support from the public. Im supposed to be distrustful of MY govt, but somehow i should heed to the advice of some paranoid cuke who has no political background and has nver accomplished anything or earned MY respect and trust(greekdawg)- Nuh huh, I choose to listen to those who can present facts and logic and reason as opposed to those who present none of those but instead show a paranoid tendency, much like a hippie. Next time you reply to my post, be sure to READ myy post and that of the person Im replying to.

 And David Starr, thanx for pointing out something that:

 a) everybody already knew about
 b) has no point in the current convo, as a) noone has attacked Canada itself in this thread with the exception of the Iraq context, and b) no one said Canada was not first on scene in wwII, and infact, if you READ my post, it SUPPORTS the points I and others made here - which are that we should always eliminate evil threats before they escalate out of proportion, and that if we dont we just might get a  scenario like wwII, where the US  suffered over a million casualties, that wouldve been spared had we acted earlier.

 See what a little reading skills can do? Too bad I had to do the reading comprehension part for you.

So the people who say the government wants to keep from getting embarrassed & losing support are conspiracy theorists?

So Diesel, you watch the TV news to get all these “facts” concerning the world right?

Might you have seen anything lately on there involving the Bush Admin selectively ignoring certain intel and exxagerating other intel on Iraq’s “tons of WMD”?

Do you now call those same reporters conspiracy nuts?

BTW, love the hippie references! Always gives me a few chuckles

Diesel wtrote:
"Monsieur I refuse to even answer your ridiculous claims in your post. Like I said I will not beat a badly mutilated dead horse anyore than I have to in order to make my point. "

You refuse to answer beause you have no arguments whatsoever, all you can pull out is more of your patriotic dogmatic crap that doesn’t make sense to anyone but a nationalistic good boy like there seems to be so many in this forum.

It’s amazing that even after your troops went straight for the oil camps and oil minister to steal all the information about Iraq’s oil reserves you still refuse to admit why you went there.

Like I said before, without people like you, fascist regimes wouldn’t stand a chance.

The horse is not dead, the anti american sentiment is stronger than ever here in Europe.

 Thank God - I almost felt pointless in joining the Marines. Well, with such a strong anti-american feeling in Europe, Im sure to give a rat's ass and cower away. Heck, the mere thought of MAYBE being sent to Europe to help your sorry, pathetic asses as a Marine, scares me to death - who's willing to fight for their own country when evrybody else's countries keep screaming obsceneties at you?

 One thing I will assure you Restless. I WILL spend A LOOOTTTT of time in Europe in the coming years. For people's own sake, let's hope their anti-american comments do not fall within my ears' reach.

I LOVE IT WHEN YOU CALL SOMEONE ELSE A FACIST!!! With all of your personal experience with facism (portugal facist until 1974) it’s like the pot calling the kettle black.
Here are a few very simple questions for you restless. If we wanted oil, why would we help set up a government and then leave? Why not just conquer the whole region? Would the european anti-Americas be able to stop us? Make me friggin’ laugh!!! Answer each of these questions. I challenge you.
Next time you join a flag burning anti-American mob, I want you to think about the Good Guys on this forum. I want you to realize that we do not give a rat’s ass about your protests. As Diesel pointed out so eloquently, your protesters had better not pull any bullshit when our troops are near. We don’t take kindly to being harassed or attacked.

Do you tell people how ashamed you are of the American Government? Did you appreciate the dixie chick’s comments? Have you ever joined in an Anti-American mob? Where are you? You sound like you are in europe? Are you in france by any chance? Please answer the questions honestly and openly.

US=GG, your a riot dude!

Well, I AM ashamed of the Bush Admin’s actions… but get this, I’ve been yelled AT by anti-American protests while walking on the street. Funny uh?

I’m not in Europe but places I really enjoy traveling there. Lovely place.

not in the US either, but don’t you go a frettin’, I’ma comin back soon.

Don’t know what the Dixie Chix said nor do I care.

How does caring bout the US make one “anti-American”? thats so old and weak -bury that shit already.

Your pathetic attempts at profiling do signify you as a… wait, think ya better move dem junker cars outa yer trailer park.