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Evidence L-Gultamine Enhances Recovery?

Is there any evidence that L-Gultamine enhance recovery?

TLDR: Evidence is weak in healthy people without nutrient deficiency, who lift. To improve recovery better to optimize fatigue management i.e. sleep and nutrition, improve work capacity and utilise PEDs/ Soviet Sports Supplements




Great for gut health though.

Preach. Changed my life.

I try. Hell, just follow the science. It explains everything.

Anecdotally I can say that Glutamine does absolutely nothing. That being said, I’m a healthy 20 year old. So I feel like most things that would help someone who doesn’t lift/doesn’t get enough nutrients/isn’t in their physical prime probably wouldn’t help me too much. From what I’ve read though, apparently there are some crazy benefits provided you have the right timing and dosages and whatnot. That’s why I bought a kilogram of it from powder city before they shut down.

It also tastes a little weird, so… be prepared for that if you just buy plain glutamine.

yeah man, I’ve been a fan for years. I can honestly say that glutamine has been the only supplement I’ve ever taken which has had a noticeable effect within days of starting its use. Every now and then I get lazy with it and stop using it, and when I start again I’m like “holy shit why did I ever stop?”

The longer I’m into this lifestyle, the more I believe that your gut health is the most important aspect.

I used it for a year and didn’t notice anything. I stopped using it and I still didn’t notice anything.

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but… do you ever notice anything anytime anywhere?

Not from otc supplements. Most are no more than food.

How about some Soviet Sport Supplement action?

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Ah no thanks, I think I will stick with my current program. That shit looks painful, lol!

Only supplements that work for me are on priority order:

  1. Creatine (big time for strength/endurance)
  2. Glucosamine sulphate
  3. Flaxseed oil or fish oil (fantastic for joints)
  4. Whey protein (when I crave protein and cannot get from diet)

For gut, pro-biotics work for me.

What is a good supplement for recovery, since many suggest it is l-glutamine (I know it is not supported by science evidence so I simply ask for a replacement)? Maybe collagen powder for joint and tendons health? B complex with zinc for CNS? magnesium and calicum for muscles?)

Best supps are Soviet Sports Supplements lel

No one can really ever say theyve maxed these factors out so always room for improvement. 90% of recovery ability that can be improved is there. Supplements that “work for recovery” are things that enhance them. e.g. Whey to supplement diet

Whey supplementation on daily basis for recovery?

Indirectly by ensuring you meet your dietary needs. e.g. working all day, barely ate and can’t be bothered inhaling a whole chicken before bed so you smash 2-3 scoops.

Not optimal but you end up making a potential bad day diet wise, which would’ve set you back a day, a passable day.

The Whey itself isn’t magic it’s just supplements protein intake.

I had to down a piece of chicken or crap sticks last night with my Whey supplements. I think I got the idea, thanks. It does explain why I crave protein so much maybe if I eat more protein I will recovery even faster.

To a point I guess but beyond that is just more calories for your body to work with.

That point will vary from person to person, day to day and throughout a training career as body composition and training demands change.

The point tho is 90% of recovery is eating and sleeping unless those are perfect which they never are better to work on the 90% difference makers then the maybe 1% from supps.