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Everything Wrong w/ the Fitness Industry


Can be found in this article.

Everything ? ? ?

Everything !


The original NYT article has extra foto's, even more upsetting, but I think you have to log in to be able to read it.


Turns out some are impressed by Obama's bulging biceps. That's Michelle Obama's bulging biceps.

God created a name for these guys, they're called girlie men.


What are you talking about?

The article advocates full body strength training for women. Stresses the importance of diet and pushups. This is the best fitness article i've ever seen from a commercial news source.

Sure it's not without its flaws: the author stresses isolating the medial deltoid, biceps and triceps a little too much. Also the crap about high reps toning and core work on a swiss ball is BS. But the quotes from the trainers (Guzman) indicate an above average program.

There's a lot worse shit out there than this.


You've seen worse ? ? ?

Well, let's start with the notion that people would want Obama arms. That's Michelle Obama. What planet would anybody have to be living on to think you would have to train to get arms like hers?

The article does not advocate full body strength training.
"the trainers recommend an integrated workout that combines weight lifting ? working the opposing muscles in the biceps, triceps and shoulders in one session ? along with cardio activities, core strength development and, equally important, diet."

Unless you think that working the biceps, triceps and shoulders is full body strength training. Or perhaps the cardio and the crunches make it full body.
The diet is mentioned, and that's it. Mentioned.

[i]"trainers suggest developing one specific shoulder muscle: the medial deltoid.

?The shoulders are important because they create the whole illusion of the upper body and mask flaws below,? Mr. Schoenfeld said. ?The side part of the deltoid muscle is what gives you a shapely look.?

Trainers suggest one specific exercise for that: lateral raises. The client, holding dumbbells, raises her arms out to her side, repeating the motion 10 to 12 times, for three sets. For people who want a leaner look, trainers suggest using a lower weight with more repetitions (15 to 20)."[/i]

The funniest thing about the medial deltoid is: IT DOESN'T EXIST. They probably mean the lateral deltoid. Strange, that these professional trainers, quoted in the NYT, don't know that. An interested layman like me knows.

Would a fat chick have "a more shapely look" with wider deltoids? I doubt hat very much.

Then we get that remark about higher reps for "toning muscles".

And the article continues this way.

Sure, there's the mention of diet, full body and strength training. But the only pictures we see are those of women doing kick backs, biceps curling and lateral raises.

A picture is a thousand words.

The fitness industry is ready to cash in on the rage of "Obama arms" and is determined to give zero-point-nothing in return.


Who cares.

We all KNOW the fitness industry is flawed. We all KNOW the food industry is fucked. We all KNOW healthcare is screwed.

So complain all day about it, or get to the gym and take care of yourself.


This is correct.

The main part of all this to actually be concerned about is getting people off their asses to do something so that we don't have to pay their fully preventable health care costs.


It is just me, or does anyone else like being the outcast in the fitness industry?


Well, later that day, I went to the gym and took care of myself.

I was surrounded by biceps curling, kick backing and lateral raising teens desperately trying to grow Obama arms.

It's not something that can be ignored people.




more like the outcast of society
and yes l do.
if you want to fit in be un..
unsuccessful, unhappy, undeveloped muscuarly
and most importantly a substantial
lack of thinking for yourself


more Obama inspired change.

whatever gets the fat housewives motivated, I guess!


I'm not going to hate on it much. If it gets a sedentary person off their ass and into a gym, it's a start. It's up to people like us to lead by example. Or, you can just continue doing your own thing and leave them to theirs. Choices, choices.


yes mate!