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Everything Went Wrong Today Except...


...I set a new PR on deadlift :slightly_smiling:

So first I'm completely out of protein, BCAA's, Carbolin-19, Alpha Male, everything and anything.

My work makes me go to some pain in the ass ALL day computer training,

On my way home my brakes BREAK! Yea so I somehow made it to Midas and it's costing me $600 bucks to repair plus the taxis rides as I just moved up here and don't know a single person to bum a ride with while it gets fixed.

So yea I just graduated from college and haven't gotten my first pay check yet, so 600 bucks but a massive strain on me financially, but I digress.

So I make it to the gym and pull 415lbs. I'm down to 180lbs body weight so I'm fairly pleased with that pull!

Now hopefully I wont miss the fedex man AGAIN and I'll get my Metabolic Drive so I can put my weight back on!


This is why, no matter how busy you get, you should never stop lifting weights.


Congrats on the PR!

And CL has a great point. I could have a crappy week, or month, and if my training is still going well, I'd be okay, but I recently took 2 months off from lifting, then another month after injuring myself from starting too heavy, too soon, and I've never felt worse.

Now that I've been back at it for almost a month, I'm kicking myself for not waiting a couple more months to move (which was the reason for cancelling my gym membership, and getting lazy).

Anyway, look at the bright side. You should be getting a paycheck soon (hopefully not 3 weeks, depending on when your payday is), and you have brand new brakes on your car.


I couldn't agree more with you guys, after hitting the PR I was feeling great again!

Haha my damn company pays us monthly. Worst idea I've ever heard of but oh well.


Is this uncommon over there? Almost every employer in the UK pays monthly...

Congrats on the PR.


Not really sure, previously I worked for the Government or government contractors and they pay biweekly. I work for Bosch (a German company) so that's why I'm on the same pay schedule as you Europeans. In fact I have less than a year left in the states before I move to Germany.

Thanks for the congrats!


It's been bi-weekly at every professional / office job I've had (in the US)


Yea, getting paid monthly would SUCK. I've only ever been paid either weekly, or bi-weekly.


yea it makes planning the bills, food, supplements, ect a real pain in the ass! I just pay all the bills in advance as soon as I get paid.