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Everything is Bigger and Better in Texas (Man)

Ok this is my first log, figured id try and finally keep a log to chart my progress. Ive been at this since January 2011. Had never really picked up a weight before except for pushups and stuff down in my basement. so this marks 7 months of lifting with this post. Im 16 and as of this morning weigh around 195 at 5’11-6’

start off with a leg day

august 14-

bar x some
135 x 10
155 x 8
185 x 8
225 x 5
270 x 5
275 x 6 PR

135 x 8
155 x 10 x 8

leg press high foot placement for hammies more so then quads (weights per side)

5pls x 10
6pls x 10
6pls + 25 x 10
drop set down just stripping plates

A1.leg curl
125 x 10
155 x 8 x 6
175 x 4

a1.pull ups (assited, trying to make it more lat focused at higher rep range)

B1. standing calf raise machine
225 x 10
300 x 8
285 x 8
drop set just kept lowering weight

b1. rear pec deck
90 x 15
105 x 15
120 x 10
90 x 14+6

ok i met august 13 ^ my bad

august 14 my chest/triceps/shoulder day leaning towards shoulders

BB seated shoulder press
bar x some
65 x 10
95 x 10
120 x 4 PR
115 x 4
105 x 6
95 x 5

BTN smith press
95 x 12
125 x 9 PR
115 X 8
105 x 9
95 x 10 then front press x 7

DB bench press
40 x 10
45 x 10
50 x 8
55 x 5
50 x 6 then 40 x 10

A1. Pin presses
155 x 5
145 x 5
135 x 8

a1. skull crushers
60 x 10
60 x 8
60 x 7

shrugs and lateral raises

Where are you in Texas that has a basement?

i lived for a breif stint in the Indianapolis region for about two years cause of my dads job just got back to dallas last december

ok so i didnt get to the gym yesterday because of dog stuff

august 16 back/bis

deadlifts(absolutley terrible at these and hatem, working on form)
135 x 5
155 x 5
185 x 5
225 x 5
245 x 5 bleh i gotta work on starting with my legs, quads arent exactly fireing im feeling the hammies do it thought i do feel it well in my back

pull ups assited (so far i can do 6 unassited USING MY LATS so i want to get em up to atleast 8 before ditching the machine)

nuetral grip lat pull down (really like these a lot, lats noticabely larger with stretch marks since adding them last month)
115 x 10
130 x 10
145 x 7
Drop Set 145 x 5, 130 x 6, 115 x 6, 100 x 6

DB Rows (lowered the weight a bit to feel my back a bit more)
70 x 10
75 x 10
80 x 8
Kroc row type loose form 80 x 21

A1 seated DB off set curls(squeezing a lot)
35 x 8
35 x 6
35 x 4 + 2

a1 seated calf raise

seated DBhammer curls
35 x 10
35 x 8
35 x 6 + 3

face pulls
100x 12
110 x 10
100 x 10

crappy leg session,not even worth posting
for some reason my back squats my hammies and glutes would just not fire at all and barley got 245lbs for 5
tried a hack squat machine, did not like
august 18

school this week has thrown me off, horrible push chest focus day yesterday not even going to post
bright side, awesome back and bis today, totaly mood changer

Tbar row old school

1plx some
1pl 10 x some
1pl 25 x some
2pl x 10
2pl 10 x 10 PR
2pl 20 x 8 x 5 PR
felt awesome with a hold at the top

pull ups, took 7 sets or so to get to 50
once under 4 sets, im goning to increase the weight

HS High row

1pls 25 x 10
1pls 35 x 10
1pls 40 x 8 PR
drop setted it

kayak rows, i gotta owrk on these i didnt remotley feel them

ez bar preacher

62 x 8 PR
62 x 5
52 x 6
then drop setted gneral pump stuff

hammer curl seated

40 x 6 PR
35 x 6 x 5

starting to love seated curls, less cheating

then calves and rear delt stuff

fantasitc back day, got an awesome pump on my back and broke some prs, made up for my past two sucky sessions

ok been a while with school and stuff
switching around my routine since reading some of MODOKS stuff that appealed to me
arm/delt day on the 30th
quick stuff 35mins about

db seated press

BTN smith press wider grip
95x13 4

super set the following

A. preacher ezbar curl

B. dips
i forget the rest lol it was weighted 8 reps and some

A. incline curls


B.db overhead extension



chest and back day(next time im gonna alternate exercises, doing my back first made me shakey on the presses

DB rows

85x10x6 PR

assited pull ups to learn to use my back better, just how ever many sets it takes to get to 50 reps
next time im gonna increase weight

lat pull downs nuetral grip

145x9 PR
145x6 130x6 115x6

INcline press (first time)


DB flat bench

50x6 40xsome

pec dec stuff reardelt and chest

Keep hitting it hard, man! Our age range is so awesome for fast progress. PR’s every session!

dude it’s awesome setting PRs
crappy day can be turned around in 5 mins its amazing setting one
im lucky that ive actually have had time to update my log, though i sually just dont record that day if i miss the tiem to record

ok Leg Day

back squat felt werid again, so im dropping the weight a bit and working back up




high foot leg press

drop seted down 1plate

leg curl
i forgot lol


Yeah, PR’s are the best, man. And drop sets are next in line, haha!

dude just checked your log
those vids are hardcore with the tires man

Power cleans were a fun time with that setup too, haha!

yesterdays arm delt

BB seated press

125x3PR drop setted down


HS shoulder press

worked up to 1pls 10 x 8
then drop setted like last exercise

db seated curls supersetted with dead stop pin presses
35x10pr 135x8
35x7 145x8
35x4 155x5 PR

hammer seated curls supersetted with skulls
35x10 62x10
35x8 62x8
35x5 62x6

^ awesome,

finished with shrugs and lateral/rear raises
(im probably gonna start only putting in workig sets on this log)
really like how i canhit shoulders twice a week really hard now, and the extra curling power i get when i dont do bis after back
skulls havent really changed, awesome power on pin presses
interesting, up untill now i did seat presses in the power rack, someone was using the only tow adjustable benches so i did them in the premade rack made for them. I always hated it because it was awkward getting the weight off the rack, but today i found the grove and felt like superman. hit my shoulders like ive never before and i feel it today

ok this leg day im trying out some stuff, so intensity was low and stuff cause im trying out the movements

sumo deads

worked up to 245x1
i gotta work on deadlifts, i hate them and im horrible at them but i want to learn how to do them properly
the only deadlift i like is an rdl or rackpull

front squat
so so i gotta get better at these two, me holding the bar fails way before my legs
drop setted down, sih before it wasnt working as well lol

leg extentsion, leg curl, calves

The bar should feel almost like it’s choking you on front squats, haha. I’ve read that most people’s upper backs usually fail before their legs on higher rep front squats. Not so much on heavier low rep front squats. Are you doing them crossed arm or with your hands like an olympic lifter?

crossed arm, and yea its definatly choking me. i want to bet lifting straps so i can tie them to the bar and hoist it up on my shoulders like that. my friend on the football team says that the coach has them do that so you can do high rep front squats. i really wish i was on the team sometimes just to hear our coach. hes suppossible pretty smart compared to other fb coaches ex. he has people on diet plans like 4k cal plus diets and the bench press isnt treated like some holy grail. Because of this a senior last year got like 550 for 8 or something on the squat and some junior is close to a 405 bench. its pretty sweet

arm delt day from yesterday

hs shoulder press

top set of 1pls 20 for 8

superset lateral raises with seated db press

i liled these but my lbs went down, like to 30lbs from 55lbs last week. it felt good, but next time im gonna get my strength sets, and instead of drop setting down like i usually do to get a pump ill just do this

EZbar preacher

i totrally failed at this today, dropped down 5lbs and barly got 8, weird. yet im super sore this morning…


worked up to bw 10lbs fro 10
im gonna replace these, my dip staion i have makes me recurit my chest too much all i felt was my chest contracting. probally going to be another extentsion cause of MODOK’s warning about the volume tricpes are getting. ill try CGB first though

incline curls
30x10 pr

OH dumbell extension
60x9 pr

lateral raises,reardelts, shrugs

Whoa it’s been a while since I’ve up dated
Been through some family stuff and a knee injury this past months I’ve stopped updating. I figured since summers here (I’m a senior in highschool this fall) I’d start updating again since I have had more time.

My diet: anything I want as long as I hit 250 grams of protein
Weight: 220
Height 5’11
Focus on Body building
I have some interest to compete I’ve been reading a lot of contest prep threads like Thoughts, mcbrides, and waylanders and it sounds fun so maybe sometime after college

Anyway I still uses MODOKS split and changed it a bit that has worked awesomely

Chest/back/triceps/rear delt
Arms and delts
Chest/back/biceps/ medial delt
Arms and delts

It gives them 3x a week since arms and shoulders recover very fast for me I’ve added like an inch this last month like crazy stretch marks
My arms literally went from 16.25 to 17 in a month cold
For bis I just RP some rope curls tris RP push downs on those extra days
Delts on extra days are just flys and lateral raises

Anyway heres my chest/ back work out

Plate squeeze press for activation it’s awesome for getting a pump before work and it really doesn’t affect weight
Incline Db press
Ramped up to 100s for 5
Then did a Rep out with 70s for 11+5

Flat bench
205 for 10, 6, 3

Peck deck pumped away and held the stetch untill I couldn’t anymore
Chest was fried


Did some pre exhaust Hammer stength pull overs till my last were majorly pumped and full of blood

Hammet Strength high row
Did 2 45s and a 10 on each side for 12+5+3 slow and hold contraction well
Lats fried and finished with a 20 rep

BB rows close grip and over hand grip
225 x 10+5+3
Then 185 for 12

Weighted Lat hanged for like over a minute just stretching the lats till I almost teared up haha

Hour 10 to do
Awesome work out PRed on everything

Legs day to day

Front squats

Worked up to a 230 x 8+4+2

DEAD lift

Got a 450 x 5 PR HOLY CRAP
I felt strong and that’s a 20lbs pr

400 x 8
350 x 12

Leg press mayhem
Close stance
7 plates x 25
Dropped down till I couldn’t feel my legs

Then leg curls till They were searing

Calves till they were searing too

Had to wait 10 minutes to leave after the leg press and curls haha

So the dead lift pr had me psyched
I was getting mentored by a guy on form but he moved away to Houston but I picked up a lot of advice from him
It helped keep form down on high rep deads
Im loveing high rep deads because they blow my back up so much from lats to traps to lower back and they also hammer my hamstrings
I retract my scap at the top
Because of my Dad I get instate in Indiana and I’m looking to be a history teacher ball state looks like an option and they have a big powerlifting/bodybuilding community according to my brother who went there so it be interesting
By the end of summer I want to max out all big three lifts
Dead lifts right now I think I’d get 500lbs maybe
Squats Idk they have been trying to tag along since the knee injury
Im shooting for 315 for 10 this week so idk I really hope close to 4 plates
Bench probably suck since I really do that after DB work so I have no idea