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Everything In My Life Is Out Of Wack


Dudes my life is totally out of wack Im basically a ridiculous asshole government money recieving scoundrel gaylord. Wait a MINUTE, I shouldnt be talking about myself like this but what it comes down to is that my inner world and my outter world are totally out of alignment with each other or maybe im just a full of myself narcicist with a huge ego and a small pecker overcompensating for my insecurities through retarded behaviour, you choose and no Im not smoking crack but I might start if I dont get myself a FUCKING JOB.

Heres the situation,

Ive never done an honest days work in my life, exxagerating of course. Ive done a few months of work. Mona ge veignt ans, Im twenty years and I have not finished my ecole secondaire (High School)---im just fuckin with you. Okay this isnt really a time to be doinking around, Ive gotta get serious about myself and my life or what the hell am I going to do with myself when Ive successfully pissed away my entire YOUTH.

Yes im full of shit and YES im just CRAZY but I dont know what the hell to do because im so stuck in a vicious cycle of poverty that I Cant seem to escape from because of the reason that it takes money to make money and if thats just an excsue I dont know what else to do. I dont have any references to put on my CV and I dont have a girlfriend to inspire me. Yes I get a lot of dirty looks from people, :slightly_smiling:


Look I think that my life is basically about to pass me by and if I dont hurry my ass up and do something about myself ill probally end up sitting in Alcholics Anonymous meeting with Jlaix from Real Social Dynamics if youd ever heard of em, hes my kind of guy. a total lunatic loser. Whats this have to do with anything? I dont know, maybe I should get into sales.


Join the army or get a job in construction. You'll either man the fuck up overnight or it'll break you.

Hopefully the latter and not the former.


Reading this post is annoying as shit.

Yes, shit is annoying.


Seriously? WTF are you on right now?


Any way you can borrow you friend's lawn mower and ask every neighbor if you can cut their grass?

Lots of ways to make money, go get out there and figure something out. Find something that needs to be done and see if you can do it for money. Any construction going on in the area? ask if you can run boards or something.

Any way you can get your hs ploma or a ged or something?

Lots of money in skilled labor jobs, can you do anything well?


Here is me not being a prick:


You're such an asshole


no, no. it's you're such a MASShole ... you of all people should get that right.


^^^ turns into a sissy when he sees bats

Edit: thanks polo had to throw an extra ^ in there because of you


I don't think you have what it takes... You should seriously consider an honest day's work. Grow up. An AA meeting might do you some good.


Maybe a little self immolation might bring you back to reality and set you straight.


OP - maybe you SHOULD get into sales. You certainly convinced me you are a lunatic with your post, maybe you can convince people to buy whatever you are selling.


I know, this other kid has been telling me that from his mom's basement all afternoon.

And yes, I'm a little bitch around bats. I can't even begin to explain it, it is totally irrational.

But to the OP:

All jokes aside, and me really not being a doucher, you know what you have to do. So get up off your behind and do it.


I'm not sure what it is, but most people from this state really do suck huh?


Come down here to Fla. and work with me outside and you will drop dead like the pussy you are, and then you won't have to worry about shit. Whine baby bitch.




Don't blame the people it's the state that sucks, where are you from anyway?


I can live with that.

Grew up in the Berkshires and been in Lowell for awhile now.