Everything Everyday Experiment

Hi All
First time post here.

I have read a lot of CT’s articles but lately I have been focusing on protein synthesis for natural lifters mainly in trained people. That it is only elevated for about 24 hours if your lucky after a workout which suggests natural experienced lifters need to train more frequently and ditch the bro type splits.

My experiment is simple
Train every muscle group every day

Since I have been religiously working out 6 days a week from 4-6am sometimes 7 but usually take Sundays off for 5 plus years now it should be an easy task.
For the last year or so my workouts have been pull/pull/legs twice a week with varying loads and rep ranges.

Being a natural lifter, many years experience and after reading more and more on high frequency low volume for naturals its seems this experiment should in theory provide new and more optimal gains.

So each workout is like this:
2 exercises per main muscle group (back, chest, legs, shoulders and arms)
With a rotating load % and rep range.

Example: Monday
Legs. 80-90% max 6x6 reps - squat / stiff leg dl
Back. 70-80% max 4x8-12 rep - close grip row / face pull
chest. 50-65% max 3x20+ rep - db press / db fly
Shoulder. time under tension holds 3x60 sec - db lat raise hold
Arms. bodyweight - 4-5 set close to fail reps - chin up / bar tricep dip (feet on bench)

Then each day each muscle group would move down a spot so Tuesday arms would be at the top 80-90%, legs 70-80%, back 50-65% and so. with all new exercises. So each muscle is getting hit every day but at varying load % and rep ranges going from toughest lifts to less taxing ones. I used all Compound lifts for the 80-90% exercises and more isolating exercises for the rest.

My plan since only 2 exercises per muscle group is to use near perfect form and go as close to fail as possible on each set and attempt to goto actual fail on the last set. The only exception would be the 80-90% lifts as I dont want to push those to fail.

If you want to see exactly what each day is let me know.

Ill be keeping a log to see what happens
But let me know what you all think.

Thanks a lot