Everyones Goals for 2012

Well I plan to be 10%BF by XMAS to finish off one of my 2011 goals and then:

More hypertrophy (And size to Shoulders, Arms, and Quads)
Compete in two meets and hit the same or better numbers in the 220’s as I did in the 275’s in 2011

Pay off the First Mrs Wilson and use that money to pay down debt and start rebuilding my retirement for the Second (And much better) Mrs Wilson or Wife 2.0 as I like to call her.

Re-certify all my Tech certs and add at least one new one.

Connect more with God and spend quality time with him.


Since I seem to have killed the thread…

This is what I wrote last year (with outcome in brackets):

For lifting I don’t have an exact set of numbers to hit, rough estimates maybe, but really, as long as it’s going in the right direction at a decent pace I’m happy.
*(Achieved, I’m stronger than this time last year, slightly lower bodyfat and generally better overall shape).

-Teach my daughter to squat properly (she’s currently too young to stand up so this will be more of a later in the year goal). I plan to send her to school as a beast who can out-squat, pull up and arm wrestle all the guys in her year!
*(Achieved, when she bends down to pick something up, instead of the train wreck way most adults do it, she performs a picture perfect squat worthy of 3 white lights)

-Get a better job
*(Achieved, got the job I’d been going for for 2 years)

-Move out of the shit hole I currently live in (Peterborough, or more accurately “Poland-borough”)
*(Achieved, I now live 20 miles from London, the capital of England)

-Stop having to re-learn the things I should already know, i.e. keep training and diet more consistent and don’t let things get in the way of them
*(Achieved, diet is definately better and more consistent)

-Relax more
*(Achieved, things aren’t perfect but I’m better at accepting this now than I was)

And for this year:

In the gym:
-Improve my snatch; get technique up to scratch, then start loading it more, working towards bodyweight
-Get stronger overall
-Body recomp; more muscle (es[ecially around shoulders), less fat, overall more athletic physique

Out of the gym:
-Significantly reduce debts; pay off car, wifes engagement ring, smaller of 2 credit cards, make dent in bigger credit card
-Get wife doing some kind of exercise regularly and hopefully enjoying it
-Get more clients at work, preferably regularly be one of top 3 contenders for efficiency bonus
-Help continue daughters development

Nothing makes me laugh more than Bulldog’s typos.


Grow breasts

Squat 159 raw; 220 geared

Bench . . . yes

DL 231 raw; 254 or more geared

[quote]kpsnap wrote:
Nothing makes me laugh more than Bulldog’s typos.


Grow breasts

Squat 159 raw; 220 geared

Bench . . . yes

DL 231 raw; 254 or more geared[/quote]

Strength: Squat 405 for a double. Keep inching towards a 600 deadlift.

Conditioning: Consistently do conditioning work thrice weekly.

Physical: Add one inch to my legs and remove an inch from my waist.

Stay injury free.

Do 4 trackdays.

Show my wife how much I love her daily.

Show my son how much I love him daily.

I get all of those I’ll be pretty happy.


my goal is to quit being a pussy… seems every time I get a pain somewhere I stop working out all together. for example I have a pain in my left shoulder right now for the last week… so what do I do I don’t go to the gym at all. I cold be running or leg extensions or a hundred other things. and the activity would probably make things better not worse but what do I do. I sit on my ass and wait for the pain to go away…

yep… that’s the goal stop being a puss… kind of the same as last years of being more consistent.

Also I would like to run under 1.5 miles under 12 minutes and bench 175, squat 400 and dead 475 in a meet… oh all at the same time…

To get shredded, while maintaining or preferably gaining strength.