Everyones Goals for 2012

After looking at the goals for 2011 thread I figured its time for the Goals for the upcoming year.

So here are mine

Squat 435
Bench 315* I better effing do this.
Deadlift 500
More hypertrophy
Sub 5 40 time with sled.
Do at least three meets.
Stay injury free
Develop arms that at least look like I know where the gym is.
Farmer’s walk 125lbs/hand.

That would make for a good year.

Man my goals are going to like erringly similar to my 2011 goals (UGH)

  • 400 squat (in a meet)
  • 500 Dead (in a meet)
  • 365 Bench (in a meet)

Compete in a OHP meet, or whatever you want to call it and get it up to 275.

Im hoping to get 2 of 3 in my next meet in July…

Shoot for the starz and hopefully hit a star I am now saying.

Oh and possibly do some…um…conditioning?

Squat 350 for twenty.

Win the X factor.

BF < 10%. (Posted this goal erroneously on the ‘2011 goals’ thread, when in fact it’s a 2012 goal for me.)

squat 275 for 20 continuous no lockout reps
pull a 2.5 bw dl
gain lean body mass
get in the best shape I have ever been in (biggest and leanest)
hike 200 miles with pack on during the summer

to name a few…

Get some gainful employment so I can stop worrying about my bank account.

Then start putting some muscle on my body and get my strength up. Yeah, I know it’s vague, but it’s dependent on the first part.

Mine are modest:

The Press: 5 reps at 110 (right now 1 at 100)
Bench Press: 3 reps at 185 (right now 1 at 180)
Squat: 2 reps at 135 (have not lifted this yet)
Dead Lift: 5 reps at 200 lbs. (have not lifted this yet).
Weight less than 208 lbs (currently at 213 lbs).

Do jogs/sprints at least 3 x a week.

Get Body Fat below 28 % (it was 33% in March 2011).


To be a cover model on Men’s Health!

“Citius, Altius, Fortius” seems to cover it pretty well.
Working on the specifics and Shakira’s still on the list. Will be trying to cut down on the comps this year. Think I said that last year.

Finally rid myself of love handles.
Squat 425
Bench (at all)
Deadlift 525
Military press 225
Wear the skids off the prowler

Get promoted to an Engineer II
Not feel ignorant all the time

Support my wife through her recovery
Raise my son to the best of my ability
Encourage others to better themselves.

Get my big project under way.

Training : steady consistent progress all round.

Get to around 12-14 % bf (never ever been that lean)

  1. Complete 6 months of Starting Strength injury free, then either continue or do 5/3/1
  2. Lift at least three times per week in at least 40 weeks during the year.
  3. Reduce body fat by at least 5%
  4. Floss daily
  5. Show the missus more appreciation

I decided to wait on setting specific weight goals until 2013, no doubt I will be stronger by he end of 2012 than I have ever been if I meet those goals.

bad knee and not squatting for 6 months killed this years goals

so I am kind of repeating them

front squat 315 for triple’s
Pull 500

get taller

do more conditioning work

add long runs back in-

get my neck, ankle, knee, shoulders, hips, elbows, blah blah blah blah
into something of a less painful state.

Now and then at Halloween:
Squat 355now to 415
Bench 215now to 275
Dead 425 to 5 Plates ; )
Bodyweight 190 to 205+/-
continue to keep BF below 11%

thats it and seems pretty reasonable…

Consistently move forward in all parts of my life.

Oh. And trophies. :slight_smile:


190 bw (again)
225 C&J
bw SN
better human being.

and a tan.

  1. Stay alive.

  2. Not break my back (again)

  3. Crush my enemies, to see them driven before me and hear the lamentation of their women…

And peace to all Mankind .

Wallow in my self loathing
Dominate my anxiety
Join the Jelly of the month club
Run for Presidency

  1. Bench : add 10 - 15 lbs lbs
    Squat: add 25 lbs
    Deadlift: Bring it back from the dead and add 25 lbs from there. This is Number one on the list.

  2. Drop a little body fat.

  3. Get in touch with my feminine side.

“3. Get in touch with my famine side.” If this is the case may I suggest a trip to Ethiopia ? or where you talking about your feminine side ? If that is the case may I suggest time in SanFrancisco …I’M KIDDING !

  1. stealing from KMNYC - get taller!

  2. learn multiply gear

  3. Squat 525
    Bench 350
    Deadlift 405
    should get me a Pro total in the 165’s, but hopefully I’ll be in the 148’s with that total.
    …I’m not mentioning any injuries, I did last year and look what happened!

  4. be a better mom, wife, and friend