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Everyones Goals for 2011?

I was just wondering what the rest of the over 35 crew have gotten planned.

  1. To stay uninjured. With a gimpy hip and a finicky back, I’ll take what I can get.
  2. Not sure what numbers I’ll be chasing yet. Bench will be in the 400’s hopefully by the 1st quarter of the year, but I don’t have a ‘top number’ yet.
  3. I need to add serious numbers to my deadlift, which is by far my worst lift.

lose 100 lbs and be a 198’er (or mid sized 220’er) and not die.

500 squat
330 bench
550 deadlift


440 squat
300 bench
485 deadlift,

slightly ambitious I know!

Squat 355

Bench 315

Dead 500

Dip 2x bodyweight

Ruck 15 miles with a 70lb load.

Run a sub 6 second 40 with a sled+25lbs

Do three meets

Greatly increase my GPP work.

Get eating locked down.

Learn to use knee wraps.

Get a little bit of hypertrophy going.

Continue to get my form squared away.

Get better at foam rolling and stretching.


Squat- 500
DL- 500
Bench- 350

Currently at

Squat- 450
DL- 435
Bench- 315


Get another site before summer
Get the onsite trailer division stable
Start making the bonus money


Try to reconcile with my son…been almost a year since I have spoke to him, just keep Praying
Make sure my daughter stays in school after becoming a mother
Continue to love my wife with all my heart (this one is not hard, she is my everything)

Thats enough for now

listen to my body/ prevent injury
increase flexibility/mobility through more stretching
keep progressing in all lifts no matter how big or small the gains are
maintain cardio
have working sets in bench 300 by the end of the year
have comfortable working sets in squats 250+ by end of the year

Add ~10% to all my lifts

Squat current is 325 --> 360
Bench current is 215 --> 235
Deads current is 425 --> 470

Do at least 2 meets this year and total over 1000# (current is 918.5)

Stay under 220# BW but lose this belly fat.

Goals…goals… Some of mine may work against one another. We shall see.

Bench -> 405# (current - 370#) (uber goal - 405x3)
Military -> 300# (current - 275#) (uber goal - 315#)
Squat -> To actually be able to add them back into my workout

BW -> 250# (current - 298#) Now that my thyroid is no longer on hiatus.

The desired weight loss and hoped for strength gains might be an interesting trick.

Significantly increase my work capacity.
Add freakin’ cardio back into the mix.

Quit stressing about work!
Spend as much time as I can with my kids, while they are still young enough to want to hang with dad.

Mine are similar to last year-

don’t make existing injuries worse
don’t get new injuries

pull 500+
front squat 315
OH squat 225x3

do more conditioning
add some long runs back in somewhere

hmmm looks like not squatting for 6 months kind of slowed this down

front squated 300- so I’m close
pulled 455 for a dbl’s several times so stalling there

runs and OH squats seems like ankle/knee crap is holding me back there too.

I didn’t get taller either

I have one major training goal: be stronger at 51 ( july 2011) than I was at 50.

MP 190 +15
CGB 285 +20 ( CGB 225x8 paused)
12INCH BOX (tap and go) 275 +50
snatch dead: 315 +40
dip 125x5 +20
maintain sub 180 BW

be a better son while there is still time, be happier with my lot in life and smile more, do a better job at being a father first and a friend second,

“I am a leaf on the wind. Watch how I soar.”

My goal is to be the leaf. For better or for worse.

Squat current is coming off ankle suregey
Bench current is 335 touching chest, 90% 350 --> 350 touching and 400 90%
Deads current is coming off ankle surgery

Stay healthy and drop body fat

[quote]punnyguy wrote:
“I am a leaf on the wind. Watch how I soar.”

My goal is to be the leaf. For better or for worse.[/quote]

“Run, Forrest! Run!”

Oops, wrong movie.

My goal is to stop setting frickin’ goals.


2010 Goals…Let’s see if I can dismember…

Bench - 315…Did 320…Can no longer flat bench as low back is screwed up
Incline - No goal…Did 275
Standing Mil - BW(220)…did 240
Pulls - 315…I know, I suck…did 315 Sumo Style
Box Squat - No goal…did 275…again, I know I suck

Take care of problem with right leg and hip…Not as successful as I’d hope…need more work on it because like I said previously, I suck!

Since I’ve returned to school…Phi Beta Kappa…I have the GPA (3.937), now let’s see if they call me!

Not kill someone…This was close, but I was successful

2011 Goals:
Incline Bench - 305
Standing Mil - 265
Pulls - 365
Box Squat - 315

More mobility work, more conditioning work, less worrying about the small shit, continued good grades, do something nice for someone each day, say something positive to someone each day, not use Just for Today, eat my Wheaties, get my blood pressure down a bit, and last but not least, for now anyways, treat others as I would expect to be treated!!! It may be the Golden Rule, but man can I forget about it when it’s convenient.

And just so I don’t forget these goals, I’ve cut and pasted them to my training spreadsheet!!!

bench…250 ( currently 225)

deadlift…425 ( currently 385 ; pretty sure I could lock out 405 right now)

squat…maintain at 365

I need to get a hernia dealt with in 2011 , so the deadlift and squat goals are a mere guess . I have no idea how recovery will go . right now my deads are improving at a pretty good clip , but squats are probably down . I at least want to pull the 405 before the surgery…then the rest of 2011 might just be getting back to where I’m at now …who knows .

[quote]ruglayer09052000 wrote:
Since I’ve returned to school…Phi Beta Kappa…I have the GPA (3.937)

Did you really say you sucked three times in the same post as this ^^^?

[quote]ruglayer09052000 wrote:
do something nice for someone each day, say something positive to someone each day, [/quote]

This is powerful. Spread it around.

Pay it forward every day.
Stay healthy/injury free.
Train consistently with intensity.

My only goal is to be more consistent in the future. I try to go to high to fast and get burnt out so slow and easy is my goal