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Everyones diet.

I’m curious as to what everyones diet is looking like on their current cycle. Are you just eating whatever to bulk?(don’t care about fat gain) Or are you trying to keep your existense lean?

Morning: turkey or chicken breast, glass of orange juice, and a bagal with margarine

lunch: tuna/ or chicken with pasta

lunch2: cottage cheese with canned fruit

before gym: whey protien shake

after gym: protien carb shake

supper: chicken with or without pasta, and boiled vegetables, and fresh salad

mid evening: more chicken

before bed: Calcium Cassinate shake.

I won’t tell you what I eat on my cheat day! or how many Vodka’s and 7’s I had last night! P-22

not drinking at all right now, havent since jan 1, and wont till july. but my normal drink is grey goose on the rocks. ok now back to diet. I am trying to keep clean, and am doing a good job for the most part. morning, lean mass matrix, meal 2= 1/2lb turkey, huge sweet potato, cup of carrots, (if weight isnt where it shoudl be then I had an apple.) meal 3 same as 2, meal 4 can of tuna, scoop whey, apple, and carrots, meals 5=same as 4, or 3 tbls of PB. pre=workout scoop whey, and a banana, post workout same, last meal, usually 3 tbls of pb and 40grams whey. then bed. supplements are 40g glutamine/day, milk thistle (liver enzymes were a tad high from the dbol)12g cla, 10g flax, 3g primrose. Growing like a weed right now

The miracle food for me is a big bowl of cottage cheese before bed. I won’t cycle without a big tub of that on hand.

7am: 3 whole eggs, 8 egg whites, 1 cup of oatmeal (measured DRY), 16oz. of orange juice

10am: 10oz. steak (inside round) with 2 yams

1pm: 2 chicken breasts, 1 cup of rice, a ton o’ brocolli

4pm: 1/4 of a cantaloupe, 1 cup of cottage cheese, fist full of almonds and pumpkin seeds (this is my pre-workout meal)

6pm: 100g of simple carbs mixed with 50g of whey protein (this is my post-workout meal)

7pm: open this could be turkey, chicken, eggs, meaty chili… anything with high protein and low carbs

9pm: chicken salad with LIGHT italian dressing (no carbs here)

11:30: 2 scoops of ProM3 with a tablespoon of ALL-natural peanut butter

***On my off days, I like to go to Wendy’s and pound back as many grilled chicken and spicy chicken sandwiches as possible (most times I ask for NO sauce/mayo)

12g of CLA is alot plus that stuff is expensive! Any reason behind that high of an amount? Everything I’ve read recommends in the 5-6g range.

Nutrition wise I general go with 4 P+F meals to start my day. 2 are protein powders plus flax seed oil and the other 2 are either fish or lean cuts of beef with lot’s of green vegetables. I also take 3 fish oil softgels & a total of 5g CLA with each of these 4 meals…then I have surge during and following my workout…then 1.5 half later I eat a lean protein plus a starch carb & more green vegetables meal inwhich I take r-ala beforehand.

my consists of a fur burger and side order of tits.oh and two scoops of low carb grow,you jknow because of the side order=extra calories.

He-Man That was some funny shit!
Right now I am trying to drop some fat and am doing a tdawg 2.0 style diet. Lots of tuna in oil, salad, broccoli, steak, salmon, peanut butter, and olive oil. Free day is Sunday.

I will be starting a 6 week d-bol only cycle in 2 weeks or so at 25 mg a day just for muscle recovery and mild strength gains while my training is bumped up for my meet in 9 weeks…I am actually going to be on a powerlifters diet lol while on too keep in the 275 class…before my last meet i used tren and d-bol and gained way too much weight my diet was out of this world…so this cycle i am after increased muscle recovery and some mild to good strength gains with very little weight gain my diet willl look like this…just incase any of you guys wonderd how a fat powerlifter diets lol…if you think this is bad you should have seen my normal diet before…

2 scoops dymatize whey protien in 16 ounces milk with 1 bowl of frosted flakes…

830 am train- during training 1 scoop cell tech 1 scoop vp2 whey isolate mixed

930 post training…
2 scoops cell tech
2 scoops vps whey isolate

10 am
1 scoop cell tech
1 scoop vp2

1 foot long steak and cheese or roasted chicken breast sub from subway
1 bag of chips
1 soda

230 pm
nytro pro 40 meal replacement

5 pm
nytro pro 40 meal replacement

whatever is for dinner…chinesse, mexican, steak, whatever just protien and carbs

10 pm
4 scoops dymatize protien 16 ounces of milk …10 fish oil caps–this is 100 grams of protien

before bed
4 scoops dymatize protien 16 ounces of milk …10 fish oil caps–this is 100 grams of protien

…this diet has helped me get my weight down from around 300 to the 260-265 region…hopefully if i eat this way while on the d-bol my weight will keep steady i could stand to gain about 8-10 pounds but that is all…big martin

Big Martin: thats alot of scoops of this and that your taking. You should have called yourself ‘Powder’ :)!

Big Martin. How much did you gain on the tren and dbol? What kind of strength gains did you get? I am asking b/c I am getting ready to hit tren/dbol/sust 250 cycle running the tren at 100mg ed, sust 250 750mg/week with 1.5 gram frontload, and dbol at 25mg per day.
Going to be done with the tdawg 2.0 in a week or 2 and will be ready to fucking ROLL!

Prisoner # 22 …lol i cant cook and and no one around me cooks…i basically hate all food that i have to cook…i eat out at restaraunts or fastfood every time i eat …i have terribile nutrtion habits…and love supplements…cause there so easy and fast…i am also SEVERLY LAZY…if it wasnt for lifting i would sit around all day watch tv and dip copenhagen…so supplements work well for me in my terribile lazy and unhealthy lifestyle…lol…

muscle head- i ran 75 mg tren and 50 mg d-bol for 2 cycles this fall …my weight went from 240 pounds to 300…my bench went from 400 to near 500…my squat went from the close to 600 to probally over 700…and my dl gained 10 pounds wich is a ton for me lol…it was a great experence a little too good…i made some mistakes gained way too much weight didnt schedule the cycle good enough around my meet…came off about 4 weeks before my meet so i tried to run methly-1-test for 2 weeks before my meet was alergic to it got sick and missed my meet…i also wouldnt have made my weight class…i would have been in the 308’s…i eat way too much food and got way too big…thats why i am going to try only 25mg of d-bol alone for 6 weeks up too my meet…but youll love the cycle if your trying to get fucking huge…big martin

P22, comforting to know that you drink occassionally.

Do you thing alcohol significantly degrades HGH secretion, or any limit any other growth-type factor?

Alcohol while dieting?

I’m looking for more graduate level info - I mean, I know alcohol has calories, slows the metabolism, and if you drink a shit load (or maybe less than a shit load) every day, you won’t grow.

Just trying to get some sort of feel for alcohol thresholds as it relates to growth and dieting.

Katphan, I havn’t done any specific research on this. What I can tell you is that alcohol supresses pretty much everything. Alcohol is a toxin to the body and your body will slow many of its processes inorder to rid itself of the toxin - such as in the liver - absorption and construction of proteins. As for how much an effect slightly lower IGF-1 would have on your body I’m not sure. I know those supplements that naturally (slightly) increase your GH levels have no effect on growth so It would be hard to quantify the % difference in growth from a slight and temporary lowering of these levels. Having a few drinks once in a while isn’t a big deal. But if you were going to do this on a regular basis so that hormone levels were constantly suppressed, I think there would be a more quantifiable difference.
(This is just by opinion from what I know P-22)

Ahhh these diets look very much like mine. Except for Big Marin’s of course…heh It’s funny how people give us shit for eating like we do(ateast i do), yet 90% of the people that give us shit are fat-undermuscled bastards. Currently i’m laid off of work(pour/finish concrete), so my eating habits are a little lower then normal but this is what im currently working with.

Breakfast: 3 eggs, 1 1/2 cups cottage cheese w/ apple sauce, bran muffin, OJ

Snack: 1 1/2 scoops optimum whey, glutamine, 2 tbsp peanut butter.

Lunch: wheat pita w/ butter and tuna or chicken breast(w/ mayo), cottage cheese/apple sauce, 4 cups salad w/ ranch

snack: same as earlier snack but w/ 1/2 cup oatmeal added(normal).

Dinner: steak, or chicken breast, or hamburger w/ salad, and fruit.

Snack: same as snack 1 but w/out peanut butter and glutamine

Before bed: 1 scoop optimum whey

On fridays i usually indulge myself in a little bit of anabolic beer loading and the occasion college beaver treats. As well as plenty of fast food(Wendys #3 big size comes to mind…). During the working season i usually up the cals by adding in pizza and subway since i burn like 2000+ more cals a day.

-3 eggs, whey shake, 1/2 cup oats

-beef, fruit

-beef, potato

-pwo shake

-lean meat, fat bowl of honey nut cheerios

-beef, fruit, some carb source

-whey plus natty yogurt shake