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Everyone See CT in the Video?


Jacked. As. Hell.


Incredible shape, and yet still funny. His "we're lifting with girls" line cracked me up


Actually I was at my smallest right there. I was 215 and went up to 240. I filmed a lifting video where I was 234, hopefully it will be online soon.


I was hoping the whole program would be out today :frowning:


Wow Thib, truly inspirational build, especially considering how large you look at 215 in the movie (can't wait to see the 234). Tate, the strength monster, and Thibaudeau the size master. Excellent.


What's the time frame of the new workout coming out?


"smallest"?! I wish! Thats bigger than 99% of the world population Thib! Damn cool accent by the way


Probably Anaconda and the program will be out at the same time...hope next monday ....


everyone is jacked in canada.


I thought it was supposed to be out today?


Damn CT you sound a lot different than I expected. Then again you normally speak french now that I think about it. That reminds me, my french girl (Genevieve) is coming to visit tomorrow.......OK totally off topic :slightly_smiling:


That's fun, it's the same name of CT's wife if I'm not wrong.


I had to rewatch it b/c I didn't know i was CT.

He looked too tan lol.


Yup you got it man !!!


Thib did you use the main protocol that you have described in the para-workout nutrition thread, or did you use the "heavy" loading of each supp.?

I was just curious, and as the others have said. . .looking jacked man.



Wow! Awesome Vid CT. I was hoping to see you hit the squat rack. Any chance of a vid of that?


I started out with the main protocol, then switched to the heavy loading one for 2 weeks. I gained too much weight and felt bad so I cut back to the original protocol.


In theory, would it make sense for a beginner to start with the heavy protocol to spark new growth and then use the main protocol for maintaince/smaller gains?


It's true! They put creatine in those Vachon cakes, don't you know!


When you went from 215 to 240, how much did your lifts go up? How much do you think is attributed from size gain?