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just for those you are confused.
estrogen is only partly the cause of inhibition from AAS use. when the body see’s too much estrogen,it lowers lh and testosterone in order to maintain a balance. the big reason and the one that don’t understand is this. all AAS have some sort of androgenic activity,from primobolan,to winstrol,to anavar to test and d-bol. when those androgens bind to receptors,particularly at the hypothalamus,the body detects too much androgenic activity and begins to lower lh/testosterone production. so,dht,which does’nt convert to estrogen will cause suppression. intermitten shots of hcg DURING a cycle will help with testicular atrophy.when the testes are atrophied for long periods of time,it is speculated that scar tissue can build up and damage the ledigs cells;thus not being able to be stimulated by leutinizing hormone.

thansk for the psot.

as far as the hcg we have discussed this over and over but i dont think i ever found it if it should be used ONLY if your nuts have atrophied? or use it during the cycle regardless of nut size?

yea and heres a new concept: worried about fina dick or deca dick on a cycle?
Well guess what folks: you don’t have to use test. Regular small doses of hcg will prevent the problem from occurring!

yes, hcg should be used to PREVENT atrophy. hcg is very good at counteracting some negative effects of fina or deca. 250iu twice a week.

The first part of your statement is correct. However, I have revitalized my testicles numerous times. It is common knowledge that hcg can help tend to your “boys” when on a cycle. However, it can also be used at the end of a cycle for a “jump start”. btw, everything you said at the end of your post is speculated.