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Everyone Please Read!

I have been considering the route of mail order to do my shopping and found a couple of info packs detailing how to do this. First was Elitefitness w/ “The Secrets Of Mail Order Steroid Success:2000 Edition”. Second was Drug quest w/ “How To Purchase Any Prescription Drug Legally Without A Prescription” Now, Has anyone heard of or even used either methods? Which would you consider more reputable? Any alternate sources of info I should consider?Feedback Please!

If I were you, I would stay away from mail order purchases of gear all together. It’s just too risky. No matter what method you use, it’s like playing russian roulette. My brother purchased through the mail for a little over a year without incident. Then, out of nowhere, he had major legal problems. Believe me when I say that he took every precaution imaginable. He was fortunate enough to avoid jail time, but there were some huge legal bills and hassles that went on for years. No matter what book or method you try, there is just no sure fire approach for purchasing through the mail.

Phillip’s book was the “Anabolic Reference Guide.” Goodluck trying to find that one. Another good book was/is the “World Anabolic Review.” WAR was written by a european, German I believe. As a result, the book covers european gear in more detail than either the USH or ARG. I’m not sure if you’ll have much luck finding that one either, as it was distributed in the U.S. by Phillip’s Mile High Publishing. I don’t know if Mile High is even in business anymore. You might want to try contacting them and asking about the “Anabolic Reference Guide” and “World Anabolic Review.”

Good news! I checked Amazon and they carry the “World Anabolic Review.” There were some other gear related books, but I wasn’t familiar with any of them. So, you might want to check out Amazon.com for yourself. You won’t find everything in these books, but it’s a start.

Sorry. My two earlier posts were ment for a different question (the guy asking about a gear primer). It was late and I was tired. As for your question, I agree with Ken. Not worth the risk.

I’ve thought of doing this also, except i found some places that will send it to me. how would the dea find out. shaggy- how many times did he do it before he got caught and how did they catch him.

Funny you should acidentally ask Shaggy instead of me. Shaggy is my brother. Not the one who got busted though. I believe he tried it four or five times over the coarse of a year. They were all small orders and addressed to a phoney name. At his apartment complex, packages are dropped off at the manager’s office. One day he went to pick up the latest package and there was a guy waiting for him. The moment he walked out of the office, the guy grabbed him. He tried playing dumb and denying that the package was his, but it didn’t work. He finally got off on what amounted to a technicality. Even so, it was a nightmare for almost two years. We believe they caught him due to the foreign supplier. While we can’t be 100% sure, we think that particular supplier was red flagged by customs. That’s one of the biggest problems with mail orders. You never know when customs or the dea becomes suspicious of a particular company and begins checking out their shipments.

Check the two “Getting the Gear” articles by Shugart in T-mag. It’s basic, but helpful info. One of the articles talks alot about mail order stuff.