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Everyone Please Fax This To The White House.

This is our final chance to stop the Pro Hormone ban. Please fax the following message to President Bush.

Dear President Bush,

Recently bills HR3866 in the House and S. 2195 in the Senate have been passed banning prohormone precursors to Testosterone. Unfortunately, this bill doesn’t just make tham illegal to sell these items, it also criminalizes their posession on par with such dangerous drugs as Cocaine and Heroin. Thousands of Americans have used these products safely to improve the quality of their lives. In a country where estrogen is given to females without any regard for legality or safety, men also need to be given a base level of respect for their personal freedom to improve their quality of life.

I implore you to please refuse to sign this bill. These products have not been shown to cause in increase in criminal behavior, violent activity or serious side effects. There is no basis to make products that have been used safely for almost ten years to be made a criminal offense by simple possession.

If you do sign this bill you will have in fact lost my vote in this years election.


White House Fax:

Feel free to post this same message at every bodybuilding site you visit aswell.

Unfortunately, I think it’s finally a done deal. It was delayed there for a while, but I think by January 1st if you buy or sell 4-AD-EC, MAG-10 or any prohormone you’re going to be a criminal.

We’re prepping an article on this now. Stay tuned.

I think the President will sign it. I think any President would, which is a sad commentary on the media’s influence on society. Or the big drug companies.

Though I don’t use these particular products myself, I find it absolutely disgusting that the government would act in this manner.