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Everyone Must Watch This


Let me have 20 minutes of your time and please listen to this.


Click on the free audio.


This scares me more: http://www.washingtontimes.com/weblogs/watercooler/2009/aug/27/art-obamas-sake-nea-pushes-white-house-agenda/


Just heard that on beck today. Crazy things are happening.


finally got my hands on a copy of "Rules For Radicals" so that I can start recognizing this stuff as it happens. Its pretty amazing how eye opening it is. I suggest that everyone buys a used copy of it (dont want to fund anything of saul alinsky), and read it as well.



Glenn Beck is a psycho racist douchebag would could read Grimm's fairy tails and make it sound like an evil plot to take over the world and enslave whitey.

The fact that someone so blindingly ignorant has people listening to his every word and shouting "hell yeah!" is even scarier. There's just no real way to fight that level of stupid.


Spoken like a true Alinsky-ite! You go girl!


The facts hurt his/hers(I am guessing his) liberal(progressive) mind.



Gee, that hurts my feelings.

Pull your claws in, bitches.

Now let's hear a big "hell yeah" for Beck.


Hell yeah for Beck!


nice Ad Hominem attack.


True, personally, I think Obama is a big racist douchebag of huge douchebag proportions we have not seen ever in our history.


That is definitely not true.

Democracies simply lead to an arms race of the douchebaggiest.

After all it is an exercise of appealing to the lowest common denominator, i.e. stupidity an greed.



I hope those of you Beckaphits out there at least attempt to get your "News" from other sources from time to time... variety is the spice of life you know.


I do from time to time try to watch some Liberal media, but soon after I watch it I get nausea. I tried watching the Rachel Maddow show once, I couldn't tolerate it. I would rather go stand in line at the DMV for no reason.


So what important information did Beck have do give us?

I sort of zoned out after he started talking about radicals and commies.


Do we really need to bring our country back 60 years to the days when we prosecuted members of our society suspected for the crime of communism?

I won't take the time to address this one. This has all the markings of grade A propaganda.


Beck's ok, I listen to him once in a while. I used to listen to Freespeach TV onc in a while which I think is pretty much as liberal as you can get.My main problem with them is that they don't back up what they say with actual facts very often.Global warming is a fine example and most of their coverage of the war in Iraq is jacked up.


What did he ever say or do that was racist?


He is just mad that Beck dominated the ratings last week. He hates the fact that the American peaople are turning against his Progressive party. He sees that every time beck brings out a fact about Van Jones or anyone like that he drops in the polls.



13 minutes of your time please, we need to hear this.