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Everyone Must Get Three Flu Shots


"School children who have never had a flu shot may need to get vaccinated four times in the fall - twice for seasonal flu, twice for pandemic swine flu - officials at the CDC told health professionals on Wednesday.

Most everyone else should expect three shots."


Line up, cattle!


Fuck that! I've seen 'The Invasion'. I never get a flu shot, because I never cavort with swine.


when do we get our implants?


When they take away our guns.


You means the chips? Those will be in the shots.

I don't know when the Figure Athletes will get their implants. :wink:


Princess, princess, princess-

Where in the article does it say that "Everyone MUST get three flu shots"??? As usual, you are wrong. If I were you, I would be so tired of putting up this misinformation. Don't you have anything better to do with your time?


Yea, HH left out that part that goes without saying... "If you want the flu shot."


Yes, but, this is the exact sort of thing that we could be forced into under the umbrella of national health care. Under the auspices of "cost control", the government could say that they have a vested interest in their "patients" not getting the flu. So, line up indeed. This is what scares me about national health care, this loss of personal freedom w/r/t our own health choices.

And don't try to pretend that this scenario can't play out. Once the government has a vested cost interest in our health, well, at that point, are we not cattle? moooooooo..........


Sure they can do it. They'll make it a necessary step and certification to get in your "papers" or else youll be disqualified from alot of "stuff"


Flu shots are for weaklings.


Oh stop. You are being an alarmist. The government will not have you line up to take the flu shot, especially the new, somewhat untested (over time, I mean) vaccines against the swine flu.


You mean like they didn't allow MMR vaccines due to their safety concerns?


There is a difference between "allowing" a vaccine and "forcing" a vaccine.


I think that "extreme in my example" would be more fitting. I don't think I'm being alarmist to point out that the feds would have a vested financial interest in the individual health of it's citizens, and that they would need to control cost.

All of this of course, would be done in the name of the "greater good". As was stated previously, they won't line us up at gun point per se, but simply tie any non compliance with all sorts of nasty consequences.

Taxes and fines come to mind rather quickly as a means to achieve that end. Taxes, after all, seem to be all the rage these days when it comes to punishing the bad habits of the masses. Tobacco taxes, alchohol taxes, the proposed sugar/soda tax, etc.

When we abdicate our health care to the government, we absolutely give away a large portion of our personal freedom w/r/t the choices in that care. Some seem fine with that idea. Myself, I'd rather retain those freedoms for my family and I.


Learn to read, Pinheadboy. "Most everyone else should expect 3 shots." Are you NOT one of everyone else?

There is a linked article in there about a new vaccine to kill off the ghey gene. You need that one for sure.


Authoritarian vice masquerading as authoritative virtue.


Little Princess:

Anytime you want to answer the original question: Where in the article does it say that "Everyone MUST get three flu shots"???

Your failure to comprehend a newspaper article is scary- but very predictable given your inability to think.

jnd (I mean Pinheadboy)