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Everyone Look! T-Nation Seminar?


This thought crossed my mind the other day and wanted to gauge interest.

I came to the site right as there was a T-Fest in DC (IIRC), I didn't attend because I didn't like any of you :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously though, I was thinking about trying to put together an event in MD with some of the authors of this site.
Here's one of the tough parts. Money.

A few years ago I held a car show event that had people coming literally from all over the world. It was only possible because people were willing to put up the money up front before the event (I was in college so I had no money).

I was thinking about trying a similar route this time for this event if there was interest.
I was thinking like a 2-3 day event and having one author present for the majority of each day.

Anyone interested? I was talking to my boss who does presentations for the fitness industry and we were talking about the prices and stuff. Obviously the more people that would attend the cheaper it would be. I'm not looking to make a profit, rather put something together that would benefit everyone.

Let me know what you think.

ps- I'm located 15 mins East of DC.


Sounds like a great plan. Any idea on when or it's just an idea right now?


Dig it! Depending on the time frame I would certainly be interested.


I'm up for it. Can anybody put me up for a few nights? (Renton trying to stay over there on the cheap)


Sounds great...

Make sure to have the event in Chicago.



I would love to go, the cost and the air fare would be the issue.




Me going would be a possibility. As soon as you have a time-frame let us know.



OG - I'll fly to San Diego and we'll drive there together. I've no idea how long it'll take but it sure will be fun.


I should probably drive.... unless you start practicing on the right side of the road now.

Maybe we could rent a big ole car and just pick up folks on the way that want to go to the seminar.

that and we could stop and take naked pics at each state line


I would be interested in going :slight_smile:


Sounds kewl, and very convenient.


You'll have to make a stop in Oregon to pick me up.


I live in walking distance to where it would be, so I can house a few people in beds, the rest bring a sleeping bag :smiley:


Again, this is at the very early stages. I'd have to talk to my gym (shouldn't be a problem), talk to the presenters and figure out pricing.


Brownie points for whoever thought this up. Perhaps some of the authors could lecture their ideas in a presentation, instead of how they are written with articles here on the website. And yes TC's Atomic Dog would have to be a must as well as far as live presentation. Just some random thoughts.


That would be crazy loads of fun.. I love a road trip


Then Wisconsin to get me.


Having been to the DC Seminar, it really was a lot of fun and I would definitely go to something down in Maryland. It's not a terribly long drive from Connecticut, so count me in. If I don't hate you, I might consider picking up some fellow T-Peeps along the way. MAYBE. You would have to pass my uber-strenuous coolness test. You have been warned...

The most fun was having the chance to hang a bit with people I only knew from on-line. My one big regret was not specifically setting aside time to do some training with more of the people I know on here. For instance, I know Nate Dogg and I were bummed after the fact we did not find time to train together. I intend to avoid such mistakes this time around.


We'll have to rent one of those super stretch land yachts and just collect folks along the way