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Everyday Program


I’ve been reading the forums and am finally ready to post.
My goal is to have a minimal program to get me stronger for life. I don’t compete and just want to be physically mobile,strong,and look good(not a fat slob). I have a background in athletics. My rough Draft program would be an ABA - BAB split so it’s a 4-day workout over 10 days.

Day one
Agile 8/ Shoulder dislocators and Throws 3x5
Press 5/3/1
Push/Pull 50-100 Reps
minor assistance (Curl,Facepull,Pushdown,Lat.Raises)
Finisher- Prowler/Ropes/Farmers Walk Superset with Abs work.

Agile8/Jumps 3x5
Deadlift 5/3/1
Minor assistance

Day 3
Agile8/Shoulder dislocators and Throws
Bench 5/3/1
Minor assistance

Next Week…
Agile8 and Jumps 3x5
Squat 5/3/1
Minor Assistance

Is this how Jim would set up this program for my goals. I didn’t include much supplemental work because my work capacity burns out after the main sets. ANY advice would be appreciated.


Get rid of finishers - othet than that, good times.


Where would I add the conditioning work if I can only dedicate 3 days to the gym due to travel and work reasons?


After you lift. But never, ever call it “finisher”. Program that shit too. Nothing is worse than a “finisher”.


any info on that, thanks for the replies my bald brother in arms.


Set a goal. Then make a program to reach that goal - just like lifting. Conditionjng just to condition isn’t ignorant - it’s absolutely stupid.

Set the standard!


I set a standard for my Airdyne rides after I found the level that provided the results I was looking for on the mats. 15 miles in 45 minutes 3 times per week is the standard I simply have to maintain. This gives me balance. It doesn’t drain me for my limited lifting and it gives me the aerobic base I need for BJJ.