Everyday is Mouth Day

I started using a New Age 6DS heavy duty mouth guard about 6 months ago as when I lift heavy I clench my teeth and figured it would be useful. I’ve honestly kept it in for the majority of the time in training since. It’s become habit to just use the mouth guard when I’m training now and I feel weird without it.

I noticed a couple of weeks ago that repeated use for an hour a day when training has significantly changed my jawline and has developed more of an accent around the areas at the axis of the jaw below my ears. I like the way it looks so it’s definitely not a bad thing to have a more chiseled jaw line, but was a completely unintended consequence of using the product.

Link is Here I highly recommend them

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Can I just, like, eat a lot of food all the time and do the same thing?

If that food is beef jerky, then probably yes


Tom Platz said he would chew on rubber balls to develop his jawline.


fixed that for you


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