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Everybody's Trying To Do The Right Thing, It's Just Coming Out Wrong

@idaho Your thread reminded me of this video that I flagged a while ago, but didn’t take the time to watch until tonight.

“We’re running a concentration camp without barbed wire, up to and including the medical experiment of poisoning these people with drugs. I don’t know how else to put it, and it’s infuriating.”

Conditions in cities that I grew up knowing as jewels of the country are deteriorating. What’s happening today hasn’t happened in generations of life in America. Medieval diseases eradicated via sanitation, long before vaccines were developed, are returning. Today, in the year 2019 in the United States of America, we have large populations of people living in our wealthiest cities without sewage. Couple this lack of sewage with people who are allowed to be out-of-their-minds on hard drugs, and the problem becomes severe. How severe? Typhus and Bubonic Plague severe.

I find it alarming that people still seem to be rushing to similar policies, all under the pretense of compassion. My sister-in-law campaigned hard for Rachel Rollins, the new DA of Suffolk County, MA. She’s getting the ball rolling on decriminalizing destructive behavior. She campaigned on it, and won. Maybe it will work out great, who am I to say?

I don’t believe it is compassionate to implement policies that create the conditions documented in this video. I don’t see how it is compassionate to the people who work hard to carve out a life there. I don’t see how it is compassionate to the people who struggle and end up on the street, addicted to drugs and unable to break the cycle. I particularly fail to see the compassion in policies that seem to have the clear effect of incentivizing these destructive behaviors.

How difficult must it be to work as a first responder in a city like Seattle, San Francisco or Los Angeles? Imagine risking your life to get a violent person off of the street, only to have to risk your life again to arrest them the next time, all because their violent behavior didn’t merit prosecution. Imagine doing this 30 times, or 50 times. Sure, the risk is spread across the entire force, but why is this necessary? Why is this compassionate?

Maybe this is all conservative propaganda and I’m just a sucker for asking these questions. I welcome anyone who can offer an explanation for the outcomes we see here.

Seattle Is Dying

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I watched the whole thing. What a shit show. I really, really wanted someone to punch the face of that smug asshole O’Brien?, whose answer was to call 911. My one question -it’s a local issue, if the people are fed up, they should be able to elect someone else shouldn’t they? Especially those local types like that O’Brien dude.

I visit my friends in SF all the time, and I never see that stuff unless we go to the downtown type areas. So even within the city itself, this shit is localized -another reason the powers that be take the easy way out.

The Politicos with the muscle to really do anything have essentially triaged Seattle proper to assuage their “do the right thing” guilt. The ex-cop who moved to the horse farm is only 30 minutes/25 miles from Seattle; the lady who moved her clothing store to Bellevue is only 16 minutes/10 miles away.

Random note -I know SF does the same thing for “simple” robbery. I think if you shoplift x amount or less, the police won’t even show up; if there’s violence, that might be a different story. Call 911 LOL. No surprise that SF is the one city with a higher property crime rate than Seattle.

Fyi for people who don’t want to watch for a whole hour, scroll to 14:30 or so and watch that one meth head who gets interviewed -that summarizes all that’s wrong right there

@twojarslave Btw, you maligned Los Angeles in your post, LA’s property crime figures were very low on the graph they showed. Surprisingly, NY was the lowest, which I’m selfishly heartened by since I have a minor vested interest.

I watched most of the opening and skipped through bits of the rest.

There are no conclusive solutions to societal ills, and they can never be fully eradicated. As they become entrenched, e.g. across generations of individual families, they become ever more problematic, too.

Having said that, so called “rights” should be more closely tied to responsibilities.

I feel that is a major downfall of modern, “compassionate” society. For example, Sowell has well explained the link between the rise in welfare, and the increase in fatherless homes.

The Government, via doling out money (with nothing of any kind expected in return, including not shitting in public), has become too powerful, and has taken the place of the family, God, community, and individual responsibility in the eyes of far too many.

In these particular places, such as in the vid, some solutions could include:

  • The mentally ill, should be institutionalised, and not allowed to be homeless on the street.

  • Law and order should be strictly enforced. Respect for authority, beginning with school teachers as soon as education begins, should be the standard, especially in communities with large scale social problems.

  • Welfare pay checks and the like should be connected to this. If your child is running riot at school, or at a slightly later age, robbing cars or selling drugs etc, parents should be directly hit in the pocket over it. The expectation must be that parents are responsible for their children, not the Government.

  • Examples in the video, of massive levels of littering, shitting in the street, and generally having no respect at all for the surroundings at large, should be very severely punished, until it stops. Whether that takes a few weeks or a few years, it seems the only solution.

I think making these societies cleaner and safer (removing the mentally ill) is the starting point. Those with these various serious personal issues would hopefully learn to respect themselves and their surroundings as a result, possibly leading to more social cohesion and less anger from the mainstream residents toward them. No one likes to live in a shit hole, including those who have created and help maintain said shithole. Mass scale littering, spreading of disease, and shitting in the street, surely cannot be that difficult to prevent. Spent X millions tidying the place up to begin with, then strictly enforce its maintenance.

Issues such as solving the homelessness and addiction are not so straightforward. Very strict enforcement of drug laws should be enforced, and the taking of drugs should be criminalised, rather than simply accepted.

Those whose lives are in total chaos benefit, need and want some order in their existence, not more “compassion” and free reign to descend ever further into hell.

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LA was mentioned because that is where we’re seeing the Typhus and Plague.

In the case of many diseases, there are. It turns out that sewage is just as important as it ever was. It also turns out that sequestering violent people will generate fewer bad outcomes than letting them roam society.

That won’t fix all of the problems, but we won’t be left wondering how a city hall worker in LA came down with typhus.


You’ve basically summed up my governmental philosophy.


In related news, Seattle decided not to clean the human poo off its streets because they would use pressure washers.

And pressure washers are racist because they have hoses and Democrats in the South used hoses to control crowds of uppity blacks.

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No no no, you simply must be joking.


giphy https://media.giphy.com/media/wYyTHMm50f4Dm/giphy.gif


They started doing this in my great town of Youngstown, Ohio, but for once, the city leaders had the smarts to actually be proactive and kick all the people out of the tent cities. Where they all went, who knows. One thing: they were not local people. They traveled here and set up, and now are gone. And the land they once lived on has been bought and will be turned into an entertainment district, like the old Flats in Cleveland. So one time in almost 40 years our leaders did the right thing.

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That article is two years old. From what I understand, they do indeed use pressure hoses. .

Those racists.


I didn’t know you knew my doctor. Mantis Tobagon. Has a monster dong


Isn’t this mostly due to privileged nutjobs who think vaccines are pseudo science?

Nope. Shit on the streets. Trash on the streets. And rats. Lots of rats.

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I applaud the city of Seattle’s adoption of running water in the face of concerns about the racist implications of running water. The people of Seattle are truly blessed to have such bold and decisive leadership.


So an effective police force is what keeps those LA property crime stats down?

How come the plague stuff is not happening in Sheattle?

I’m really not sure. I think you’d need to take a really deep dive before you could begin to understand.

Maybe cooler climate. Maybe not quite the right conditions yet. Maybe better pest control. I’m not really sure. I don’t know enough about it. The fact that it’s happening anywhere in the country is very concerning to me. These are serious diseases we solved centuries ago.

See…this is why we can’t have nice things…

Seriously, talk about cutting your nose off to spite your face. How can you be that ass backwards?