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Everybody's favorite racist

Since September 11 I’ve been waiting for Jason to throw in his 2 cents…whatever happened to that guy?

I guess youre talking about a different Jason, cause I have been posting periodically, and also have been posting since sept 11th, and do not recall being racist, I havent seen any other Jason posting lately except for one but he is using initials after Jason.

The topic line was supposed to read “everybody’s favorite racist, Jason R Baran” sorry for the confusion

Brock must have got to 'im!

scowl have you ever heard the saying ‘speak of the devil and he will appear’? (and anyway, we have a few people in hot competition for the ‘moron of the forum’ title now that he is gone.) my guess is, he’s just back on his meds…or locked up.

are you refering to me as “moron of the forum”? Because if not, then I have some work to do! :slight_smile:

nope…and i’m not gonna name him 'cause if i do then HE will show up…

I know who you’re talking about, and you shouldn’t talk about Nate dogg that way! hahahaha…, no, I know who, and it ain’t candyman.

Yeah, it would be a damn shame if that guy turned up again and started using that whole ‘right to free speech’ thing…

Ha! Just kidding. - timmy k

THAT WAS NOT FUNNY TIMMY! snicker ok, it was…

I can never figure out whether Michelle is
kissing guys or slapping them when she
smacks them. :-p

Something tells me that if Michelle was going to hit someone it wouldn’t be a slap. More like a closed-fist punch followed by a kick to the nuts. Just a hunch.

just to set the record straight… a smack is a somewhat friendly slap - ie it’ll sting but not really hurt. whack is a bit more serious than a slap though it too can be in a ‘friendly’ manner. (look for *grin or smile after contact) i’ve given hugs and kisses and i say that when i mean that…and demo - i would NEVER kick someone in the balls. it’s just not my style. though i will punch someone (friendly or not depends on context) of course if i pull a full blown rugby tackle on you you’re probably in deep shit! snicker i hope this clears everything up! enough of the ‘michelle speak’ lesson; now back to our regularly scheduled forum

Umm… How friendly can that “Whack” can be friendly?

How,bout I rephrase that!

How friendly can that whack be? Michelle?

I think this board only allows one troll pig at a time. So Baran has been replaced by hetyey225. That’s my theory.

and paul wins the ‘not so friendly’ whack please refer to my post from 10-22 at 9:15 on this thread.