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Everybody Loves Jared


Just when I thought I could get away from this skinny fat spongey body by watching less T.V.; along come his audio clips played on radio, advertising a new Subway sub.
Geeze...does it ever end???


True or legend.....not sure....

But I read several years ago when Jared first appeared that he was actually discovered by Mens Health. They did an article on him, something about people who had lost weight through weird diests, Subway saw it, grabbed him and nows hes everywhere. Kicker of the article was the fact that Jared never thanked Mh for "discovering" him, apparantly their editors were miffed.

Guy lost weight good for him, Subways tasty, I like Quiznos better.


Some dude selling sandwiches on the radio bugs you enough for you to post about it? Is it time for a hobby?

Seriously, I agree he's everywhere...but what's different about that as opposed to any other successful marketing campaign? Think Spuds Mackensie back in the day, or the Aflac duck...That's what advertising is all about, saturation.


Whether people like Jared or not, he sure gets around.

Everytime a new Subway ad comes out, I read a thread about it on T-Nation before actually seeing it on TV.

In this case, they're reaching an audience (me) that won't even hear the original ad, as I don't listen to American radio.

Like, love or hate Jared, Subway's marketing rocks.


I really think it's UNFAIR how everyone on this site gives Jared so much shit (in previous threads, not this one). He was fat and he did something about it. Maybe he didn't do it the T-man way..but that does not mean he did it wrong. So what if he's not overly-muscular and doesn't belong in a bodybuilding contest...he did more than 99% of the fat people in this world and that was he acknowledged he had a problem and did something about it.


I agree. He may not have done westside training or Quatro Dynamo...but he got off his fat ass and took control of his life. No excuses, no cosmetic surgery(i think), just determination. Seriously, how much more off-beat is his diet than a diet where you eat 0 carbs?

And he's got a sweet commercial deal. The guy is made his life a success. I can still squat more than him! I personally like the foot long Italian BMT with 3 chocolatechip cookies and a bag of doritos.


I heard that an illness contributed to a lot of the weight loss; then again, that was heard from someone who heard it from someone else...


Well, it really helps him to have aids. And he really urges all of us to go out and get aids! It's the only way to lose weight.


Thats the funniest shit I have heard all day!


Is this the commercial where he presents the "typical" fast food hamburger with 2000 calories and a whopping 21 grams of fat? And then he emphatically tells us he's "not making this up"?

It bugs me that someone who makes a living in the food industry in any way at all would be either gullible enough to believe in a 2000 calorie hamburger with 21 g of fat or sleazy enough to just lie about it bald faced on TV to people who might be that gullible. It is where I stopped going to Subway for good. There certainly is no hamburger that has 2000 calories, and if there were it would have a great deal more fat than that. And most Subway sandwiches also have more than 21 grams of fat anyway.

Jared is a huge dork and he exhibits the kind of sense that a person would have to have to eat nothing but Subway and call it an improvement in diet. Jared can kiss ass.

Fast food I don't mind, but marketing that insults my intelligence can go to hell.


There are a few that come close. Hardee's Monster Thickburger (http://money.cnn.com/2004/11/15/news/funny/hardees/) has 1420 calories (108g fat), and Carl's Jr's Double Six Dollar Burger has 1400 calories (101g fat).

Then there's the bad boy shown in the photo, Ye Olde 96'er Burger, made at Denny's Beer Barrel Pub in Pennsylvania. No idea how many calories it has, but with 96 ounces of beef, "two whole tomatoes, a half-head of lettuce, 12 slices of American cheese, a full cup of peppers, two entire onions, and a river of mayonnaise, ketchup, and mustard", it may be just a bit over 2000...


I'm fairly certain he's comparing a 6 inch sub with a full value meal from McDonald's or the like, a Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese meal with a large fry and a large regular coke do contain a helluva a lot of calories and fat. Now if you're someone who can eat that 'value meal' then you're sure as hell not going to be satisfied with a 6 inch Veggie Supreme with light vinegar and oil are you?

Regardless, eating small, balanced meals low in fat and getting light to moderate excercise, like Jared's walking routine, are indeed a good method or losing weight. When you're the size he was, being a fat-skinny guy is a huge step up. Is it better to do it the way we do here, sure, but is the Subway/Jared diet better than remaining a fatass till you die of a heart attack at 45? Of course.




Save that picture and post it whenever a newbie asks "How do I bulk up?"


I have a friend, a bodybuilder, who could eat that sucker. I have seen him eat 4 foot-longs at Subway. He lurks on this site, don't you, Monkey? Are you out there Tim?



Actually, it's only been done by one person, ever. And it was some skinny-ass college girl. It had been attempted by even eating contest champions who could not conquer it. If you really think he could do it, he could probably make the news for it.


That is true. I read the original article about him in Mens Health.

A year or two later he is doing Subway commercials.


I just don't like Jared. I'll give him his props for going from a giant fatty to a smaller fatty. Good on him.

However, his personal feelings aside, he's the figurehead for a message that you can eat sandwhiches all day to lose fat. That's laughable in and of itself.

He also doesn't have a desirable physique at all. I wish he would buy some Surge and start one of CW's or anybody's program and at least look like a guy that's concerned about his fitness and the way he looks. Especially if he's going to make a living appealing to America's vanity.

Lastly, I'm no proponent of excessive male grooming, but damn, he needs to do something with those eyebrows too.


OK fine! Lets just beat the fucker. We'll anally probe him with a footlong veggie.


I think Jered is a bit annoying but I like subway a lot. Its the only fast food place I will patronize. I don't know why everyone here seems down on it - if you get the right stuff you CAN eat quite well out of Subway.

Sure, if you get the meatball with double cheese on white cheesy bread with double parmesan you aren't doing yourself any favors. But if you are reasonable and make good choices, subway can be a great place for a fast meal.

My normal: 12" steak on wheat with lettuce tomato onion green pepper. Its likely a bit high in the fat column, but calorie wise its 700-800ish, its got nice amount of protein, good carbs, and lots of veggies. If I lift late in the evening this is often what I'll get on the way home (after PWO drink of course).