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Everybody, How Do You Train?


As I'm getting kinda sick and tired of the countless "insert generic name-How do you train", they lost that "special thing" about them, when so many gets their own thread...

No I'm not jealous, I'm a skinny weak ass boy, I have nothing of real value(yet).

Post away.. Everybody...




I'll take this opportunity to use this thread as a dedication to my training.

Now, where shall I begin?

I started training back in 1985. I couldn't walk yet, but I would lay on my back and try to raise my head. Before long I was crawling around and my mom knew I was a bodybuilding prodigy. Some people say it's all genetics, but I personally think all my success came from my mom's titty milk. Some of the most anabolic stuff I've ever seen.




He's not lying, her stuff is amazing....




Don't be angry you've been here 3 days and everyone is already tired of your crap.




high volume hip thrusts
right hand jacks
left hand jacks

I do one week every day
next week every other day
3rd week I do pulls 2 days on 2 days off, Push 1 day


While I may be fail, Lanky doesn't fail, he just wins. (Shameless kissup)


what "crap"

-i made 2 threads about 2 of the strongest guys on this board asking for advice not "calling them out"

-called out ct. rockula cos hes says multiple lies in just about every forum.

-made a semi serious thread about tribunaldude because establised members of this board such as Livefromthe781 and MANY others called him nothing short of a total liar and d-bag keyboard warrior even though he actually seems extremely knowledgeable and educated about training.

-ALL MY OTHER POSTS HAVE BEEN HELPFUL. you seem completely obsessed with me so no doubt you have read through all my posts 10x already and you know im not being a troll.


If you are a weak ass skinny boy (& I am one also, except a little less skinny & a little less weak), Then I'd suggest starting with 'westside for skinny bastards 1' & eventually moving on to WS4B part 3(am doing a slightly modified version of WS4b part 2) & eating.....a lot(I prefer carb cycling)


Lol, man, if you're going to kiss up to someone, it damn well shouldn't be me. I've got a Danny Tanner avatar for christ's sake.

I'm not just obsessed, I'm completely infatuated.


aww shucks if you put it like that then mos def you's is gonna get your own thread!

e-high 5!


tabata good mornings + caloric deficit = stage ready physique.


Yes infinitly cool guy. Never more shall I kiss up to thou.


I use weights.


Even though I'm still not satisfied with my gains, I take this thread as a reward for my efforts and sacrifice. Well, where to start?

Back in primary school weighing 130 kgs, I had calves and forearms so hwege, that every single relative was harrassing me to tell the "secret way to buildem". Later I found that when I drank more than half a litre vodka, I vomitted so much and had gastroinestial disorder for soo long, that I've lost weight without dieting, thus I drank.

Still it shocked me to know, that I have to lift and diet for better results. So I started doing what I have been told by PHD MD Gurus of bodybuilding. That should be all what can be said about my training.

I use swiss ball for instance when I'm doing forearms (typing in this keyboard, just as i'm doing right now)

And I have forearms that make Popeye' look like chinese sticks.


[quote]Vejne wrote:

Back in primary school weighing 130 kgs quote]

do you mean to say that at some point between the ages of 4-11 you weighed 285lbs?

i pray to god youve got some pics of that lol


Slimthugger uses steroids.