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Every Year



Why does this bullshit happen every year?


"It's a sad day in America when you have to retain an attorney to say 'Merry Christmas,' "

Doesn't it says it all?


It's like this: Christmas is a celebration of Christ's birthday. If someone doesn't like that..sorry. But that's what it is.

I am not opposed to any other group celebrating any other religious holiday. Someone could celebrate Buddhas birthday for example. No problem.


Christmas isn't at all religious to most people. It has become a consumer celebration. It's just a reason to buy stuff for peolpe you care for.


While that may very well be true, it greatly confuses me when I hear of atheists celebrating Christmas and Easter. Sure, you can act like those aren't religious holidays...but they are. Easter has nothing to do with rabbits...unless they were crucified as well.

I understand what business has turned it into, but don't any of these people ever sit around and ask themselves, "you know, what is this day really about?" I don't personally "celebrate" Halloween. If I had kids I would let them have fun in it, but I understand its origin and I don't fully agree with it. It amazes me that so many completely disregard the origin of certain religous holidays all because of consumerism.


Professor X -

1) Im just curoius.. are you religious at all?

2) How is letting your kids get involved with halloween any different from an athiest exchanging gifts with others at christmas time? You are both just partaking in the activities at a social level without necessarily agreeing with the underlying meaning behind it.


1) Yes

2) Because it is the same concept as allowing a 1 year old to believe in Santa Clause of the toothfairy. It is called innocence and I believe a child can live within that innocence until they mature out of it assuming it is healthy mentally. If I were to take that further and dress my girlfriend up, then that would make the difference. Also, I completely understand going to an office holiday party as a social gathering. My question was to those who actually do go the whole nine yards in their own homes when no one from the outside is around. That is very confusing to me. If you are an adult and you have the Christmas tree with the star on top, I really have to question why you would avoid acknowledging what that star means.

Also, when I was a kid, my parents even took us trick or treating a few times. We would get the costumes and I even remember my mom carving a pumpkin with us more than once. They also explained to me as a kid what the history of Halloween was about and what they didn't agree with about it. I was never in the dark about why we were allowed to participate...because we were kids. My parents also never allowed us to believe in Santa Clause even as infants. We might throw a plastic Santa outside for a lawn decoration, but my dad even built a nativity scene that we still have today. We weren't allowed to just join into shit without knowing the background, the pros and the cons.


It is two days before Thanksgiving, and I am sick of Christmas already. Consumerism has turned it into something ugly and disgusting. The constant advertising bombarment really just makes me sick.

Everyone gets too stressed out about gift giving and having money for the holidays and people get lost in all of that instead of celebrating the birth of Jesus. I wish it was Dec. 26th so it would be over already.


More boogey men for James Dobson's crew.

This fervor is helping Gibson sell his book and it allows O'Reilly to rant and rave but none of this is reality.

Christmas is not under attack.

The right wingnut propaganda never ceases.


This tired a$$ chorus was started by none other than...Henry Ford but his target was not the 'anti-American ACLU' or 'anti-American athiest'...care to guess who Henry Ford targeted?



Never before has an author stretched the truth so much in order to stain so many...

Very funny piece of...um writing. :slight_smile:


Just to annoy you, so I'm in favor of it!


My sentiments exactly!


Newshounds is a left wingnut site but the facts are undeniable.

Henry Ford started crying foul first and happens to be a famous staunch anti-jew right wingnut.

Christmas celebrations should occur in September and should be centered around pagan rituals.

There are honest misteps but there is no smoke and there is no fire.

Buy Gibson's book and hate on your own time.