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Every "TRT Expert" Thinks Differently

Some TRT providers put you on an AI right away, others are against use it. Some believe in low doses, while others believe in high doses of test cypionate. Some believe that HCG is very important while others don’t use it at all. I have a hard time to find what it works for me. My SHBG is always high( around 40’s), my TT is good but my free testosterone, my estrogen and my DHT are low. When I was on 150mg of test cyp once a week and 250 iu twice a week and no AI my free test after 7 days of the last injection was 11.5 and my TT was 655, while my estrogen was 18. Then the “TRT provider” decide to raise my test cyp to 160mg a week. After three months my free test was 6.0!!!, my total test was 345, my DHT was in the 20’s and my estrogen was 21. Now I’m taking injecting twice a week instead of once a week 200 mg test cyp divided in two doses of 100. The point is the so many " experts" keep pushing for AI when in my case will be the worst thing to do. If I knew all this I would never started TRT.

Unfortunately, it is what it is. I would look for a doctor who looks at and treats each patient on an individual basis and realizes there is no one size fits all approach. While some nail the protocol right out of the box, others require some trial and error, plus, over time things change and protocol changes must be considered.

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150 to 160 ifree t dropped? Did you take the blood test the same day as before? For example take shot Monday and take bloods wednesday? Or did you take one shot Monday and wait till friday? Did you change HCG dosage?

If this is pharma grade cypionate there’s something wrong. I’ve never heard of free t dropping when you add more unless it’s under ground cypionate.

I’m on the scrotul cream and it works best. I’ve noticed guys with shbg are not having to worry about if they are high or low. Low amounts of estrogen are created. You get a spike in DHT within 4 hours and levels sky rocket with just a couple dabs in am and pm.

There are many different thoughts on trt but they are basic to understand.

  1. Standardized through the years: cypionate, HCG and ai. Once weekly.

  2. Recent findings suggests you don’t need an ai when you start. Only if needdd and temporarily until clients lost fat or dialed in. Or permanently if needed. It seems many men would be fine without it if they were give the chance to stabilize.

  3. HCG - some love it. They say it helps with labido and keeps the hormonal loop active by creating others hormones and of course natural production of T… option 2 keep it simple and dial in clients protocol without. Especially if there are sides.

  4. New methodologies say micro dosing T helps stabilize estrogen and levels of T in the blood. If you have problems with estrogen try this. If you crash before your next shot try this. Before hand they did once weekly.

If I were you I would question my supplier and find a new pharmacy that has 3rd party verification of there products. Ensuring quality vial to vial.

That’s as simple as it can be laid out.

I personally love the cream and you could try it out if you continue down this road of issues.

No doctor should push AI’s, they may be needed if obese and insulin resistance for a short time to gain control of a situation.

This to me suggests you don’t need an AI.