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Every Time!

Every time I start to really up my calories, try to eat over 5,000 (going for around 7,000 a day right now) the same thing happens. I FART ALL DAY LONG, and alot at night. It’s mind boggling. To be honest it’s kinda embarassing and damn does it stink! Maybe some of you other massive eaters (professor x) can help me out on this one. I mean it’s ridiculous, I ripped on that went on for a solid minute after class today.

Haha, I know what you mean, I have been there. I am currently bulking up and am using tips from a friend of mine who’s a physician and deals with people who lost weight due to accidents and such. The trauma prevents them from a) eating a lot at one sitting and b) even if they did eat a lot, they could not digest it well (stress causes the body to be less efficient and an accident is as stressful as it gets)

Here’s what he has me do:

Add some soft cheese to your meals that have meat and do NOT eat starchy carbs with meat and fish (poultry is fine)
add veggies of course.

eat my starchy carbs alone with veggies and add only whey isolate (I make a pudding or a thin shake as a 'dessert)

the first 8 hours of the day eat something small every 15-30 minutes (or if you have class, every 50 minutes). I do the following:
2 eggs and 15 minutes later
a glass of milk 15 minutes later
an apple etc etc
I just have the stuff at my desk. I do not do a big lunch I just keep snacking away all day

I take HCL tabs with my shakes and enzymes with most of my meals.
at 4, 7 and 10 PM I have my solid meals.

It has worked like magic. I am getting better results at less calories because my digestion has improved. It is tedious, I admit but I much rather snack all day then eat 6-8 large meals that leave me bloated and have me fart like no tomorrow.

Hope some of this helps,


I remember someone around here commented that:

Yea, massive farting goes along with massive shitting caused by massive eating.

However, try playing around with your fiber intake, types of fiber and fiber timing, protein timeing and types of protein.

My experience has taught me that the above statement is 100% true. Ever since I ramped up my caloric intake, I’ve been shitting so regularly that I should be Metamucil’s poster boy. That, and some days I have crazy gas like was mentioned before. I’ve heard it said that certain protein sources such as egg cause some people to get crazy gas, but it would be nice to hear what other people think… since I’ve also heard various other theories, including that the gas means that you’re eating more protein than your body is using (a statement I don’t give much credit).

Make sure you’re eating enough fiber with each meal.

Enjoy it.

[quote]WideGuy wrote:

I mean it’s ridiculous


Don’t you mean rediculous? And shouldn’t you post a pic of you with a shoe for us to guess your BF% ?

Farting is a gift. Don’t look a gifthorse in the mouth…

|/ 3Toes

Gas is a way of life in iron. Just deal with it. Some days it’s tough, but that’s what the outdoors are for.

Blame it on the dog.

I do that regardless of caloric intake. One thing I noticed is that barley products combined with yogurt is like mixing Clorox with amonia. Bad. That combo even scares my dog.

[quote]BIGRAGOO wrote:
Gas is a way of life in iron. Just deal with it. Some days it’s tough, but that’s what the outdoors are for.[/quote]

No, thats what the sheets are for… DUTCH OVENNNN!!!

Ha, gas-x?

[quote]X-Factor wrote:
Enjoy it.[/quote]