▶️ Every Serious Lifter Needs the Inverted Row

If you can bench press your bodyweight ten times but can’t do the strict inverted row ten times, then your relative strength sucks, and so does your back development… probably.

Every time you do an extra set of bench presses without also adding an extra set of horizontal rows, you’re becoming more structurally unbalanced. Not only will your body start letting you down, it’ll actually refuse to build size and strength in the exercises or muscles you care about most.

If you’re structurally unbalanced, the muscles pulling your shoulders and scapula in one direction are proportionally weaker than the muscles pulling them in the opposite direction.

This not only includes your prime movers, like your pecs versus your mid-traps, but your shoulder stabilizers as well. Your muscles need to be strong in all directions. And arguably, it’s the ones you see the least that need the most attention.

Bottom line? You need to be doing more horizontal pulls and rows to even that out. Inverted rows are your prescription, so pick one of these options and get to work.

Gareth Sapstead
Narrated by Dani Shugart

00:00 Every Serious Lifter Needs the Inverted Row
00:15 Inverted Ring Row
00:25 Cuffed Inverted Row
00:35 Overhand & Underhand Inverted Row
00:49 Inverted Row With Rope
00:57 Rope Climb Inverted Row
01:05 Inverted Row With Bar Pad
01:11 Inverted Row With Band
01:22 Inverted Row Drop Set
01:30 Swiss Bar Inverted Row
01:43 Narrow-Grip Fat Bar Inverted Row
01:54 Trap Bar Inverted Row
02:00 Kettlebell Inverted Row
02:07 Grappler’s Inverted Row

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